Vacuum PVC bag. Any good for self-bondage?

This is what I found on eBay:

The description says:

Body shaped bondage bag with elasticated neck and waist. No arms, so arms trapped within the bag with side entry zip. Breathing tube on enclosed head. Side port with small pipe attachment for connection to standard vacuum cleaner. Once that vacuum is on your going nowhere! Comes with attachments.

Made by Kunzmann.

Unlike vacuum beds the vacuum bag looks much safer, because of the mobility. Not sure if the breathing tube safe enough, though. It’s not shown on the picture.

6 thoughts on “Vacuum PVC bag. Any good for self-bondage?”

  1. Hi Ra!

    Ahh, now you are into a favourite area of mine – vacuum/vaccum (I’m sure vacuum is correct?) as a means of self-bondage.

    I have had many real sessions when I’ve used this, but always held back from publishing on the forum due to the ‘risky’ nature of sealing yourself into a plastic bag and sucking the air out. I am very careful and use a breathing tube, but except it’s not the safest method… but is soooooo sexy when it works!

    (Ask and I will post – hopefully with pictures).

    This product looks amazing, though I prefer clear plastic for self-bondage (safety!).

    Anatole ( uses this method too, tough in a different way to myself.

    Would I buy the Kunzmann bag? Maybe…

    …but my own bag and set-up is much cheaper and works suprisingly well

    Good find though


  2. now you are into a favourite area of mine – vacuum

    I was always into, but never tried it yet 😉

    but always held back from publishing on the forum due to the ‘risky’ nature

    Better publish everything and let people discuss, critisize, improve. It’s like with the Open Source vs proprietary software 😉

    I am very careful and use a breathing tube

    Problem #1. I heard they sometimes fall off… Hence it’s safer to leave your head outside of the bag and use inflatable latex hoods instead.

    prefer clear plastic for self-bondage (safety!).

    Because plastic can be easily torn apart?

    Of course, I would prefer latex, because it’s softer and much more elastic than either PVC or plastic. But it’s also much more expensive.

  3. Hey there.

    PVC can be really tough to tear through… so getting stuck in this may be inescapable.

    I would never reccomend any vacuum related self bondage which uses an external vacuum source (hand pumped is more in control… we’re working on a similar concept in latex with a hand pump for the solo play lovers)

    Head out = MUCH safer. Then you have lots of time to deal with problems, since your breathing will not be restricted for any reason. You could always hop around the room until the vacuum falls off. 😉

    Good luck and please play safe.

    Mad Scientist – Kink Engineering designer.

  4. Something I do when using vacuum ‘anythings’ is to use a timer plug. They’re pretty inexpensive. You plug the vaccum into the device and then the device into the socket. Next you set a time for when the vacuum will turn off using either a digital or analogue timer (built on to the plug).

    These usually go up in 15 minute intervals, so quite a reasonable time to be left helpless at which time the timer plug will turn the power off to the vac.

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