Strait-jacket and self-bondage. Is it possible?

I’m not a big fan of strait-jackets (or straight-jackets), because I prefer my hands to cross behind my back (mmm.. maybe rubber strait-jackets…) Anyway, the instructions on the left may give you some ideas on how to get into a strait-jacket alone.


7 thoughts on “Strait-jacket and self-bondage. Is it possible?”

  1. wow amazing, i wish it was involved with some sort of latex or lycra straight-jacket instead, like that one photographer did (with the girl in the blue straight jacket)

  2. Hmmm – guess this is another one of those personal taste things. Strait-jackets just don’t do it for me in the self-bondage arena, and I’m not a great fan of them for bondage in general. But… latex or lycra are by far the best.


  3. Absolutely. But imagine two changes:
    – the material (the strait-jacket is made out of) is not cotton but spandex or latex;
    – arms are crossed behind the back (not in front)

    Now it’s something completely different, isn’t it?

    I wonder if I can find a picture …

  4. old one, but yes, this is sort of possible. I have a latex straight jacket, but there are two differences, the crotch is closed, looks like an overall, except, that the legs are cut above the knees. I think, the leg part of the cartoon is definitely possible. For the arm part, I have a different technique, since I am a man. I suppose, that while women have smaller shoulders and bigger bums, mens are built the other way. I put my legs between the strap connecting the arms, then work that strap up until it rests in the back, where it belongs. Actually, I never tried the other way, perhaps it is easier, even for me.

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