Update 2010-08-22 @01:51: By JG’s request all his photos have been removed with great pleasure.

Update 2008-12-10 @00:37:57: Please see comments below

Jerome Gouvrion (Paris, France) stays behind the following well-known fetish sites: captiveculture.com, latexculture.com, ladyfemdom.com (no affiliation). Recently I came across his blog (www.gouvrion.com). The reason for that was the photo on the left. Retro-like, sepia-toned pin-up photo featuring Anais. I’m not very familiar with Jerome’s works, but having seen quite a few of images published on the above mentioned sites, I would say that the “bucolic shot” (like Jerome called it) is a bit different.

Excited I began to browse through all 66+ pages of his blog. But (to my surprise) little could I find (see below). Great lighting, astonishing quality, beautiful models, exquisite fetish clothes, elaborate bondage, perfect minimalism, but … The photos do not work for me. At all. Even the selection I managed to squeeze out of the pictures posted in the blog can’t be considered as 100% “working” but rather “ok to be saved”.

Of course, I’m talking about myself. Tastes differ, but in my humble  opinion the works lack substance. They lack something what makes you believe, what makes your mind and imagination drift beyond the flat pictures, what allows you to tell plastic from flesh.

I would be happy to be proved wrong. What Jerome’s photos do work for you? I’m just trying to understand why something works and something does not despite the same set of attributes.