The proper strait-jacket. Self-bondage is possible

Last time we talked about strait-jackets here and here (check also this tag: strait-jacket), I mentioned that two things do not work for me:

  • cotton
  • arms crossed in front

Finally, I managed to find a photo of the proper strait-jacket: a latex leotard with long sleeves and mittens with D-rings. Depends on how strong the latex is, self-bondage is possible by connecting the D-rings to the ice-lock through SRD. Actually, I tried something like that but with cuffs, not with such a bondage leotard.

MadJack, what do you think now? 😉

12 thoughts on “The proper strait-jacket. Self-bondage is possible”

  1. Curses! Ra has foiled me once again!

    Ok – so the picture does show a very pretty girl (sorry – Adult Female) in a very sexy latex strait-jacket, you’ve got me on that one. Still not sure it’s for me on the whole self-bondage side, but my mind is open to the possibilities.


  2. He-he-he… Is there anything else you don’t like (joking ;-D )?

    Oh, BTW, remember that discussion about patterned and while tights? I have gathered quite a collection of photos I would like to share with you. I wonder what you will say… 😉

  3. Hmm… sounds like a challenge 🙂

    I’m not an old ‘stick in the mud’ who will never try anything ‘new’. Let’s see if you can convert me to the ‘white side’.

    I was trying to locate some wierd latex strait-jacket photos I had from years ago, but Flickr (F##cker!) has deleted my profile (why??) and I think I might have lost them all along with many others (boo-hoo!).

    oh well…

    Happy New Year


  4. Nice suit. And pricey. According to the site it’s made from medium (0.33mm) latex and costs £145.00.
    The mittens look quite tight to use you hands even to put the suit on. The zipper can be closed with a string. Still not sure if it’s possible to use it alone. Still like the suit, though.

  5. Would I EVER love to try that suit(s) on for size! I bet that would be amazing!

    I’m wondering though… would a latex straightjacket like that REALLY be un-escapable? (i.e. tear proof)?

  6. TieUpTime wrote:

    would a latex straightjacket like that REALLY be un-escapable? (i.e. tear proof)?

    To be honest, don’t think so. Unless the mittens are reinforced, 0.33mm can be poked through. But if they are – I don’t think (if bound properly 😉 you can escape.

  7. As a selfbondage item it’s not that useable.

    The fact she’s in this straight-jacket outdoor, collared and chained to something makes me want to trade places with her immediatly.

  8. TieUpTime wrote:
    I’m wondering though… would a latex straightjacket like that REALLY be un-escapable? (i.e. tear proof)?
    Check out MaxCita. His latex strait-jackets are very strong and there is no way you can struggle your way out. It’s because, if I’m not mistaken, they are reinforced by nylon webbing.

  9. ON page 19-21 of Setsu Dan Kanja first Comic, the main characters put on a straitjacket dress with a self-lockable mechanism.

  10. id like to try one to see what its like
    as long as im let out right away.
    but for enjoyment?? I don’t think so
    lot of sick people out there

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