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Tue, May 22, 2018
Source: Tights fetish
Hi Everyone
As promised here is Part 8 of RH's superb take on the world of Andy and William.

Here is a link back to part 7, just in case.

The New Spring Line – Part 8
Copyright 2018 by RubberH

The Board meeting concluded and the only ones left in the room were William, Andy, Bulldyke and Lady Quirt.
“Pardon me Lady Quirt…” started Bulldyke.
“Gwen my dear, you can call me Gwen now.” Replied Lady Quirt. “But you may address me as M'Lady if it makes you more comfortable.”
“Sorry…M'Lady, it is going to take time to get used to this after fifteen years. But what about my duties? Who is going to perform those?”
Lady Quirt smiled. “It will be an inconvenience for a while, but sissies 6, 17, 24 and 32 will fill in nicely. The Sissification Center is being moved here, so that just leaves my dungeon. I decided that Robin has enough experience to be placed in charge of that. You have been an excellent teacher.”
“Thank you. I must offer my congratulations to Lady…err Robin, when I arrive home.”
“Oh, my dear.'” Said Lady Quirt. “We have already moved your things to a house not too far from here. A lovely neighborhood. Plenty of privacy and the house is completely soundproofed. You, William and Andrew will be living there. “
Bulldyke looked a bit puzzled. “All three of us..?”
“Both of them need to be available for their training and preparation for the ‘Kinky Girl' campaign rollout. You are their Handler so it's more convenient for all three of you to be in one place.”
“But what about….Lady Jane?” Bulldyke asked. “She will be furious. She will not take kindly to Andrew leaving her.”
“Yes… Jane.”, said Lady Quirt, the smile leaving her face for a moment, then slightly returned. “That will be my concern. At this time, you are to take William to the Training Center and deliver Andrew to Jessica so he may resume being fitted for his new outfits. “
“Yes M'Lady. “, replied Bulldyke. She took hold of William's leash and gave it a jerk. William winced and followed her to the lift. Andy walked close behind.
Once they were in the lift and the doors had closed, Bulldyke took a deep breath and looked at both Andy and William. “Well, that WAS unexpected. I'm not sure what to do next.” William could see her eyes looking down at his cock.
“Hmmm, I did say you might be given some relief..” she started to fondle William's cock and balls. Then she halted. “No…no…nooo.” She continued “We must not be too quick.”
William let out a slight groan. Bulldyke chuckled as she saw his desire to cum had outweighed his embarrassment.
The lift stopped and the three travelled down another glass-walled corridor. Bulldyke looked at Andy and said ‘Stay'. She then opened the door and pulled William into the room.
William's heart began thumping in his chest. He looked around and he shook in fear.
The room looked like a torture chamber!
There were St Andrew's crosses, cages and racks. Medical examination chairs and tables were there, except these had heavy-duty leather and steel restraints. Hanging from the center of the room was a gambrel which had leather restraints attached to it. The gambrel was connected to a steel cable that went to a pulley in the ceiling. The cable then continued to a crank attached to the wall. On the floor about six feet apart were two steel rings.
“Ahh, Bulldyke..I mean, Master Bulldyke.”, came a voice from behind William. “I get to formally meet our new company asset.” William turned his head to see a woman wearing nothing but a black rubber robe. However, he recognized her as one of the Board members.
Bulldyke jerked hard on William's cock leash. “Eyes front!” she shouted. William quickly faced forward.
The woman walked in front of Bulldyke and William. “He responds well to commands, but he needs more discipline.”
“Yes, Lady Flogger.”, replied Bulldyke. “If you don't mind my calling you that.”
“No, that's perfectly fine. Gwen tells me he is to be trained enough in the corporal arts to pass as a dominant, but in most circumstances he will serve as a submissive. Very well, unleash him and secure him to the whipping horse.”
Bulldyke did as she was told, and William soon found himself on the horse. Lady Flogger looked at him and then Bulldyke.
“You may go now. He won't give me any trouble.” Bulldyke turned and left the room. She took Andy's hand and they travelled back to the lift.
“Now, William.” Said Lady Flogger. “As you heard, my name is Lady Flogger. I have been given the task to train you, and you will learn. You have no choice. You will learn the art of receiving and at times, inflicting pain with minimal physical damage. You will learn to tolerate, and maybe even desire it.”
Lady Flogger walked up to the whipping horse and pulled a lever next to William's head. He heard a small ‘thud' and Lady Flogger pulled on the horse, and it began to move across the floor. She positioned the horse in front of a long table. On the table were various whips, paddles, canes and other implements.
“These are part of the ‘Impact!' collection.”, said Lady Flogger. “You will learn to recognize each one by sight, name, construction details, their function, price and other essentials. We can't have you selling a product you are not familiar with.”
Lady Flogger pointed to something that looked a little like a mop with a short handle. “This is a basic beginner's flogger. It is made of very soft strands that will not cause any serious, permanent damage.”
William watched as she removed her robe and stood naked in front of him. She picked up the flogger in her right hand and smacked it against her open left palm.
“See, no damage and minimal discomfort.” She then walked behind William and gave him ten strokes across his rear. William flinched but he felt no real pain.
Lady Flogger returned to the table and picked up a broad leather strap. But she also picked up a penis gag and held it in front of William's mouth.
“Open wide”, she said. William refused. “Very well then. I find a screaming subject annoying after a while, but I'll adjust.” She then took the leather strap and struck William hard. William screamed, and Lady Flogger jammed the gag into his open mouth. She buckled it tightly around his head. “I lied. I just like to gag my playthings.”
“Now, today we will work with the light-duty tools. Over the course of the next two months you will be able to identify and use these tools. Let us continue..”
As time passed, William felt every item on the table used on his body. However, as he was instructed he made sure to remember the names and uses for each and every one. When the last implement had been demonstrated, Lady Flogger removed the gag and the restraints. William stood and looked at himself in a mirror. While his rear was beet red there were no serious wounds.
“You are much too valuable to damage William.” Said Lady Flogger. “But fortunately, you are not very stubborn, and you learn quickly. Now, Display!”
William assumed the position and held it as Lady Flogger left his field of vision. In a few moments she returned but with a woman who was also wearing a rubber robe but was gagged, collared and leashed. He looked at the face and recognized it as the chauffeur who drove him this morning. Lady Flogger removed the robe and William stood there in amazement.
The chauffeur had been elaborately tattooed front and back and head to toe. Lines had been drawn on her body, marking off sections. Each section was numbered and in a different color.
“This is just temporary tattooing, William.” said Lady Flogger. “It will last about two months which is the length of time for her punishment.”
The woman was brought over to the gambrel and her wrists locked into the restraints. Then her legs were pulled wide apart and her ankles locked to the rings in the floor.
“The color and number coding is to show where a submissive is more sensitive and the sensation is more painful than pleasurable. The green and blue areas are the safest and can endure harsher blows or with more severe implements. The red and purple areas are the ‘danger' areas and should only be struck by an expert.”
William watched as Lady Flogger began striking the chauffeur. He watched as the girl began to writhe in pain as Lady Flogger went from blue to green to red and finally purple. After a half hour Lady Flogger released her from the gambrel, and the girl slumped onto the floor.
“As you can see, no real damage. That will be all for today William.” Said Lady Flogger. “We will begin a full training session tomorrow where we will work with straps and paddles. Our little friend will be recovered enough for you to practice.”
Two sissies entered the room and helped the chauffeur stand up. They cuffed her hands behind her back and lead her out and down the corridor. Lady Flogger had put on her rubber robe and entered something into a computer terminal. In a couple of minutes one of the security guards entered the room and escorted William to the lift. Bulldyke was waiting for him.
“It's been quite a day William.' Said Bulldyke. “Lady Quirt decided that we all should just go out for supper and have a nice quiet evening at home.”
“Not like this!?” William asked with alarm.
“No, silly. We'll stop off at Fabrication where your new outfit should be ready.”
“New outfit?….Oh God, not rubber.”
“Of course it is. Dress code requires rubber at all times.” Bulldyke chuckled.
As they went down the lift, Bulldyke removed the cock and ball harness, but not the collar. William was going to ask why when he recalled that if she did he was at the mercy of everyone in the building.
They stopped at a floor where Bulldyke had to place her thumbprint on a reader. “This is Fabrication. We make our rubberwear here and of course they are all top-secret company designs. “
They proceeded to another set of security doors where they were met by a pair of armed security guards. One guard looked at Bulldyke's security badge and then at William. She then pressed a button on a wall and the doors opened.
William looked at the racks of rubber clothing. All sorts of sizes, colors and shapes. He was almost overcome by the thick smell of the rubber in the air. He followed Bulldyke into a room where Andy was waiting for them.
Andy was now wearing a pink rubber bolero-style jacket over a pink rubber tube top with the “Boy!?” logo on it, a pair of skin-tight pink rubber leggings and a pair of pink stiletto heels. His red hair had been released from the severe bun and now cascaded over his shoulders. Andy's lips and fingernails were now in a matching pink color. Andy smiled at William as they were now face to face.
“Andy, you, you are…” William stammered.
“Too much pink?” Andy asked.
“No…not at all. “ William was amazed at Andy's switch from harsh dominatrix to ultra feminine girl. “You are just fantastic.”
“William.” Interrupted Bulldyke. “We have to get you dressed.”
“Yes Bulldyke”
“WHAT WAS THAT YOU SAID?” Bulldyke shouted.”
“Master…Master Bulldyke!” William quickly responded . ”I'm sorry Master Bulldyke!” (He thought “Why did I say sorry?”)
“I'll let that go for now…Never forget your place.”
Bulldyke went over to the racks and checked the labels on them. “ Let's see, No, No…Not this one. Yes, here are yours.” She examined the clothing on the hangers and chose three items. “Over here.” She ordered William.
William was handed a pair of leggings, but in black latex. “Put these on.” Bulldyke said. He struggled into the leggings.
‘Don't worry, they're made based on the images we took this morning. They're pre-lubed and the latex is almost tear-resistant.”
William struggled and pulled them on he then noticed that the leggings had what looked like a codpiece in front. His cock and balls popped into the pouch. The latex almost melted around his privates. He noticed through that the pouch was held closed by two snaps.
Next was a black latex tank top. This too, fit him tightly and it reminded him of the catsuit he first wore.
Finally, Bulldyke brought out a pair of boots. These were of heavy rubber and laced up to his knees.
Once dressed Bulldyke positioned both William and Andy in front of a full-length mirror.
“Damn!” she said “You are both fantastic-looking.” She then took out a key, unlocked and removed William's collar. But then she took another collar and locked it around Andy's neck, clipped a leash to it and gave the end to William.
“Tonight is your debut.”
“I thought we were going out to dinner….Master Bulldyke.” Said William.
“We are…to one of the newest and trendiest places in the city. A place where Andy has been to a couple of times.”
Andy blushed “Oh, please Master Bulldyke. Not there. I was so embarrassed the last time Aunt Jane brought me there. Everyone was staring at me.”

“And they will tonight…but they'll have an even bigger reason to stare..your escort.”
William felt a lump in his throat. He knew he could not refuse and that Master Bulldyke would make sure that they both complied.
They followed Bulldyke out of the Fabrication Department and to the lift. William could see the guards smiling and mouthing obscene remarks about him and Andy.
“Don't worry about tonight. First date jitters are expected.”
Andy and William looked at each other. William took Andy's hand as if to reassure him that they would get through this somehow.

to be continued....
Tue, May 22, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Hi Everyone Here are 4 new pieces from the mind of the wonderful ChristeenXXX

Sun, May 20, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Max and I have been to our first trip abroad together with my mom. We chose to go to Stockholm by cruise cause this kind of trip seemed to be the easiest, you do not need to carry a lot of luggage onboard. Although when you are with a baby you have to be well equipped for any kind of situations:) We left from Helsinki by Silja Serenade cruise to Stockholm for one day. It took one night to sail there, spent 7 hours in Stockholm and then back to the ship. It seemed very convenient and I was hoping Max will love it! And so he did! We took the special cruise on Children's festival during which there have been different kind of activities for kids. Though Max is too small to participate in them he really liked to observe and this is just perfect for his age! There have been so many parents with small kids and even new-borns on the cruise! I was thinking I was crazy mom to take a 6 months old baby)) ha-ha)) We took our bugaboo stroller with us and it was just perfect for strolling in the city but it is not so convenient on cruise as it can slow you down. I was so happy we took our amazing baby carrier from Najell. We have been using it in face to face position and since 6 months I turned Max in facing outwards and added hip seat for his extra comfort. When we went to the sun deck to enjoy Helsinki from the cruise Max was so looking around with interest and I was enjoying my new state of carrying him around. Surely stroller has been great in Stockholm but you can forget about it while in the Old Town because of cobblestones. I put Max in the baby carrier and he fell asleep straight away, meanwhile I could enjoy my ice-cream with nutella, yummy)))

Summing up our first experience abroad with a baby I can say that the best is just enjoy the time and take it easily. This has been our training before holiday. Very soon we are off to another country. Can you guess where?

XO Maria

Shop Najell baby carrier here:

Fri, May 18, 2018
Source: My pantyhose girl
The week it must be said was topsy turvey for reasons explained elsewhere but two sets of thoughts had been on my mind one I decided to explore and will write a little about and the other really is more having been a bit concerned around how some people at one site seem to feel about any kind of male including boys and that their 'conversion' while understandable of itself doesn't change biological sex didn't seem to give a positive role at all when to use the usual sissy jargon a person is said to be 'feminized'.
To me at least, it's one thing to say one has your bits, you're not biologically a woman (or a girl) it's another to someone say you're a sissy and you're so worthless because by doing it you haven't gained anything at all for your gender issues.

If despite being biologically a boy you clearly feel more feminine then why not afford me a status that actually helps, one I feel good about.
If given I'm usually very regressed I do feel very feminine, then why shouldn't I wear a everyday more girlish dress and play with dollies or whatever to my hearts content so long as I'm not afforded the exact same status as a girl and called one?
Equally if I wasn't then I should be able to wear similar clothes to a woman without being demeaned as if all I'm about is sex and more sex often with a forced nature?
It's not as though I'm changing sex but simply expressing my gender which itself isn't the same thing.

The other thing was an experiment into presenting in a regressed masculine way spending a period dressed as a boy while doing a few more male things but mostly girls things designed very much for girls only use that I had done before but in more 'little girl' attire.
One reason was for a long period in time I had associated regression with feminine feelings as being in with having to present as if you are girl in order to let them out.
That just feels awkward to me being less transexual but more gender fluid not helped by the tendency in more adult little circles to be very binary, like to be feminine you have to be a girl and to be masculine you have to be a boy and adopt an exclusively male or female persona that matches.
The standard for people like me in such settings is I have 'become' a girl and be seen in traditional girls attire even if female regressors may wear shorts or dungarees as do modern biological aged girls and that's okay for them.
Thus I spent my time dressed very much as boy in dress shirt, tailored shorts and school type boys ribbed long sock doing things like playing with cars while also playing with my more girlish dolls and completing a girls colouring book to see if it was possible to integrate the two and just how I felt about being with people who have only seen the all girl me like this.
It wasn't so far removed from how I felt as that boy in my childhood but as was typical at that time it tended to be looked down upon.
I found myself feeling very comfortable psychologically just sat or standing there playing across my gender fluid lines seamlessly in the body of a boy dressed as one not that don't like wearing dresses too but for being that boy.


Wed, May 16, 2018
Source: Sissy candy panty

Tue, May 15, 2018
Source: Tights fetish
Hi Everyone
Here is some new art for the weekend. As ever it is a tale which finds poor Andy in a situation of his Aunt Janes making, from which he can not extract himself. Plus,in this age of political correctness,it features some classic casual office sexism, however and quite rightly so, the joke is clearly on the morns in suits.
I'll say no more, I have no doubt you will work it out for yourselves. Hope you like this.
My very best wishes

Andrew, I am still working on Ms Angela XX
Fri, May 11, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Tue, May 08, 2018
Source: Tights fetish

There's a bit of thing one hears around soccer when perhaps a team isn't performing too well perhaps even facing relegation to a lower league usually from fans and addressed to anyone that's prepared to listen.
"Sack the Manager" they all shout as one "He didn't buy the right players or coach" and yet to the amazement of some of us, that manager duly let go is actually bought by another team who does well with him.
The thing that strikes me about this is such talk evades the responsibility of players and at which point you're wondering why I'm talking soccer on a sissy blog?
One reason is often when it comes to getting it together, people often blame others for the lack of progress, it may be friends it may be other they have invited into their lives in being the kind of sissy or jane girl they are but how much of that was really your own responsibility because it seems to me that willingness to throw off convention and be the you you feel can only come from you.
Others can and do encourage you, may be give you a few pointers and suggestions but the only person who can do it is you rather like a manager and coach can train and encourage a player but it is they who perform on the pitch winning or losing matches.
It may even be actually you got off on the wrong approach for who you were and by goodness I've found that one out the hard way in the lifetime of this blog but you can put that right too.
Be the sissy/jane girl you are and don't worry about matching anyone elses ideas.

Tue, May 08, 2018
Source: Sissy candy panty
Hi EveryoneHere is Part 7 of our friend RubberH's superb story. Remember this is an alternative universe to mine, but no less funXXX
The New Spring Line – Part 7Copyright 2018 by RubberH
William was taken to a room where he was directed to clean up for his appearance before the WORLD Board of Directors. He took a quick shower and brushed his teeth. Bulldyke carefully examined him to made sure that he was completely clean and presentable. She handed him two pills. William knew what they were, but his cock was still hard from the last dose.“The medication you took before should be wearing off shortly. These should keep you erect for 18 to 20 hours.”“But I can't go home like this.”, William said. Bulldyke sighed and shook her head.“What do you mean? I can't let my mum see me with this… You ARE going to let me go home?” William started to panic and looked for an escape.Bulldyke slowly walked up to him and began to caress his shoulders. “Of course we'll let you see your mum, but not..”William pushed away and ran to the door to the room. He pulled on the handle, but it would not budge. He repeatedly jerked on the handle harder with the same result. He looked for another door or a window to jump out. Bulldyke took hold of his right arm and twisted it behind his back. William screamed in pain. She forced him to his knees as she applied more pressure.“Don't make me break your arm William!” she shouted. “You belong to WORLD and the Sisterhood for the next 10 years.”“10!?” cried William “Lady Jane said the contract was for three!”“Three, plus two extensions of three and four years, if the Board agrees to keep you on. Why am I not surprised? This is typical for Lady Jane. Never showing all the cards.”“Please Bulldyke, let me go.”, pleaded William.“I'm sorry William. Even if I had the power to free you, I could not defy Lady Quirt and the Board. Now I want you to calm down and let me finish what I was trying to say.”William stopped struggling and Bulldyke released her hold. She massaged his arm and shoulder to ease the pain. William trembled as she helped him to his feet. “Display!” she commanded. Instantly he complied.“As I was going to say, we will let you see your mother, but Lady Tawse our Executive Vice President has already visited her and explained why you will be absent from home. She has been told that you are being given extensive training that will last for several weeks. She will be sent most of your salary to take care of her expenses and other needs. You will be allowed to speak to her on the telephone and send emails, although all communications will be strictly monitored and censored. ““When will you let me see her again?” William asked meekly.“That will depend upon the length and success of the training program.” Replied Bulldyke. “I have no knowledge of what type of training, as that is up to Lady Quirt and the Board. All I can say is that it will be very intense and you MUST pass, or else. What that ‘Or Else' is I do not know”.“I feel sick. I could just die.”Bulldyke looked at William. “Release” she said. Then she walked over to him and held him, gently rocking back and forth. “Shhh…Don't ever say that William. “ she said softly. “While there may be much to endure, there are rewards for faithful service. It will just take a little time for you to adapt.”William was still frightened, but Bulldyke's gentleness was surprisingly soothing. After a few minutes he stopped shaking“There now. Let's finish preparing you.” Bulldyke said. She opened a bottle of a light oil and applied it to his body and face. She wiped off any excess leaving him almost glowing under the lights. She groomed his hair, carefully trimming anything out of place with a small pair of scissors.“There, you look marvelous.” She walked over to a cabinet, opened a drawer and looked inside. After several seconds she removed a couple of items from the drawer and walked back to William. He could see that she held some things which looked like leather.“Because you will be in front of the Board, you will be required to wear these. Display!” In one hand she held a wide leather collar with a locking hasp. William gasped slightly as Bulldyke placed it around his neck and clicked the lock shut. “Is it too tight? “ she asked. William hesitated a moment and then replied “No”.Bulldyke took the next item and secured it around his erect cock. It was a harness of some sort. She carefully tightened it around his cock and then took the last free strap and wrapped it around the base of his balls. “Please tell me when this starts to hurt. ‘ she asked and began pulling the strap tighter and tighter. “That hurts! That hurts!” William soon said. Bulldyke gave it another pull and then clicked the padlock shut. “If I made it too loose Lady Quirt would know and she might have me take it down a lot more.” She said.She then took hold of William's cock with her left hand and with her right clipped the end of a leash to the strap around his balls. She gave a gentle tug and William winced.“Release.” She commanded. William hesitantly touched the harness holding his manhood. “That's alright” she said. “Go ahead and feel it. You need to understand that this is only one of the many ways you will be controlled. The locks are tamper resistant and only Lady Quirt and your Handler will possess the keys.”“But I'm going to cooperate.” William said. “Why do I have to wear the collar and harness?”“It's not because we fear any rebellion from you. This is to let all others know that you are the property of the Board and Executive Officers. Otherwise, any employee in this building would be able to treat you as an object. Just like you experienced in the lift. You didn't care for that did you?”“No, Bulldyke. I felt like a piece of meat.”“You are meat…slavemeat. Just like others who have proceeded you. Just like those who will come after you. I'm sorry to sound so harsh, but you must understand and accept your place. But not all will be harshness and punishment. There are rewards and pleasures for those who adapt and cooperate.”“You make it sound so easy.”“Oh, it's not easy. “ Bulldyke said while nuzzling his ear. “It took me months to give myself to the Sisterhood.”William looked at Bulldyke with surprise.“I was brought into WORLD and the Sisterhood by Lady Quirt 15 years ago. I begged and fought for release, but eventually I realized that this was my place. Someday I'll tell you the entire story, but we now must meet with the Board.”Bulldyke tightened her grip on her end of the leash and gently pulled on it. William grunted as his balls were pulled. He quickly followed her out the door, down the corridor and once more into the lift. She pressed the button to the top floor and they ascended.“William. A couple of last minute instructions. You will be introduced to each member of the Board and Executive Officers. You will not speak unless asked and when you reply you will address the person by their correct title. Do not use Ma'am, Miss, Ms or anything other than what you have been told. “
“Yes, Bulldyke.” William responded. The lift stopped and the doors opened. William followed Bulldyke down a corridor and stopped at a reception area. Two sissies were standing at a desk answering telephones and emails. William wondered why they were not sitting in chairs when he looked at the floor. Two chrome posts were bolted to the floor and sissies' ankles were chained to the base of the post. The post continued up until they disappeared under each sissy's skirt. William didn't know for certain where the posts ended, but he had a pretty good idea.A set of double doors opened and Bulldyke gently pulled on the leash. William quickly followed and they both entered a large room. A table with nine chairs was located in the center of the room. William looked and saw Lady Quirt and eight other women dressed in a variety of rubber outfits. They all looked at him.“Ah, yes. Bulldyke. Place him over by the buffet and have a seat. Members…let us begin the meeting.”All nine women took their seats at the table and the meeting began. William stood still as they discussed a number of matters which William could not quite understand such as inventory control, logistics and cybersecurity.“Now we may discuss our expansion plans.” Said Lady Quirt. “As you see ‘Boy!? Boutiques' has grown faster than we first anticipated three years ago. Because of this, we have decided to initiate Phase Two next year instead of two years. Lady Tawse, please present your report.”The woman that William now knew as Lady Tawse pointed to a screen behind her and began moving her computer mouse. A multimedia presentation soon started.“Within the last five years there has been more instances of rubber and leather being worn in public by those who have been deemed as being ‘fashion forward'. At the same time there has been more frequent instances of BDSM appearing in popular culture. As you have seen, Hollywood has been in the forefront by releasing television and films using BDSM themes, especially the recent trilogy…”“…Oh please, don't mention that ‘Housewife Porn' again.” came a voice from one of the other members.Lady Tawse smiled. “Not the best example, but it shows that our company is in the right position to make rubber fetishism and BDSM commonplace in today's society. With permission from the Board, we will be launching ‘Impact!', starting in London, Paris, Munich, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.”The other members spoke amongst themselves and then another member spoke up.“The numbers have been good these last couple of years, but this is a major change.”Lady Tawse nodded her head. “Yes it is, but as you have seem from our experience with ‘Boy!?' there are markets that are ready for us.”“What about our competition? They won't go quietly.” Lady Quirt spoke “First of all, the competition we have is primarily online and their quality does not match ours. We will be in places that have long established rubber and BDSM communities, and we will have a special advantage.”“Such as?”Lady Quirt looked at Bulldyke and nodded her head. Bulldyke stood up and pulled on the leash, directing William to follow her. They approached the table. “Display” said Bulldyke. Instantly he complied.“My friends, ‘Impact!' will have something that our competition does not: A face to go with our products. This is William. He will be our spokesmodel and become an integral part of our marketing.”“Can you explain further?”Lady Tawse walked up to William. “As you noticed, he is neither too masculine or feminine. He will appeal to male and female customers as well as gay and straight. He can be a dominant to some and a submissive to others. In short, he will appeal to the very widest range of potential clients.” She held his cock in her hands. “Good length and girth, but not too much so as to make male customers feel inadequate. “ “What is his experience?”“In BDSM and Rubber, very little. However if you watch the screen you will see that he is a quick learner.”William watch as the recording of the photo shoot was run for the members' amusement. He turned his head, but Bulldyke forced it back.“Isn't that Andrew?” asked one of the other members. She appeared to be Indian.“Yes, it is.“, replied Lady Quirt. “He and William are well acquainted with each other. That makes their pairing more important.”“More important?“Yes, you see to make our new campaign even more effective, we will take advantage of the ‘Boy!?' brand and run it jointly with “Impact's” debut in the cities I have mentioned. It will also tie in to the New Spring Line.” Said Lady Tawse.Lady Quirt pressed a button on the table. “Now.” She said.The doors to the Board room opened. William looked and saw Andy! But this was a different look. Andy was dressed in a black rubber mac. It was highly polished to where William could almost see himself in it. The length though was quite short. It stopped at mid-thigh, giving William a view of Andy's beautifully shaped legs. Andy was wearing knee-high boots of rubber, molded to fit his legs perfectly. But it was not the ‘show stopper'. The mac was cut so that the tiny rubber panties were exposed to all. He could not close the mac shut and each step he took clearly displayed them. His hair was placed in a severe bun and his lips were coated in a bright red gloss.“This my friends, is the New Spring Line. We call it ‘Kinky Girl', and we have a very kinky girl to model it.” said Lady Quirt.William looked at Andy. Andy appeared not only more feminine, but sexually arousing. Lady Quirt looked at William's cock and watched it twitch. She knew that William had feelings for Andy, but this confirmed that it was more than just friendship. Her plans were working out as she anticipated.“We will be conducting the ‘Kinky Girl' campaign jointly with the ‘Impact!' debut. In fact, the ‘Boy!?' stores in the cities we mentioned will have ‘Impact' stores directly connected to them. William and Andrew will be traveling to these locations to open these stores and conduct in-store demonstrations of all our products” said Lady Tawse.“We just need the Board to vote to approve this new campaign.” Said Lady Quirt. “All in favor?”Each of the women said “Aye”.“With no objections, we will begin William's training in our business.”“Lady Tawse will train William in bondage equipment. Lady Flogger will teach him proper techniques in corporal activities. I will instruct him in rubber fashion and proper care. Mistress Priya will teach him the erotic arts.”William's eyes opened wide as he heard that.“Oh, that caught your attention.” Laughed Lady Quirt. “Bulldyke.”“Yes, Lady Quirt?” responded Bulldyke.“Kneel before me.”Bulldyke did as she was ordered.Lady Quirt picked up a riding crop from a nearby table. She slowly walked around Bulldyke tapping the crop in her hand. Then she stopped and pointed the end of the crop at Bulldyke.“Remove” she said. Bulldyke quickly removed her jacket. William and Andy watched as Lady Quirt caressed Bulldyke's breasts with the tip of the crop. “You have been a loyal servant Bulldyke. “, said Lady Quirt. “For fifteen years you have been my bodyguard, dungeon keeper and it was a joy to watch you become a valuable resource to me and the Sisterhood.”“Am I to be punished for some offense Lady Quirt?” asked Bulldyke her voice trembling.“Oh, No!” replied Lady Quirt “As of this moment you are no longer a servant, but by the power vested in me by the Grand Council of the Sisterhood, you are now a member in full standing of the Order of the Crop. Congratulations my sweet.” Lady Quirt them helped Bulldyke to her feet as the rest of the people in the room applauded. Lady Quirt then handed her the crop.“Thank you, Lady Quirt. Thank you, everyone.”“As customary, you may now choose your own name.” said Lady Tawse.“I've been known as Bulldyke for so long. I'd rather just keep the name.”“Then it is settled.”, said Lady Quirt. From this moment on you are to be known as Mistress Bulldyke. With your new position you are named William and Andrew's handler.”“Actually, I'd like a slight change.” Said Bulldyke. She walked up to William and placed the tip of the crop against his balls. She looked straight at him and said “Call me MASTER Bulldyke.”William stammered “Yes… Master Bulldyke.”As he looked at her, she smiled and gave him a wink.
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