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Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Source: Колготки

So excited to review Item M6 first maternity tights! They will be soon available in

Item M6 maternity tights from
Tue, Oct 10, 2017
Source: My pantyhose girl

“If you'd ask me “What are you doing under a woman's skirt?”
I'd answer “this is my Temple, I live here”


New session with Camille in red tights.

Coming soon ->

Best regards,
Anatoly Borodin
founder and producer

Если вы спросите меня "Что ты делаешь под женской юбкой?"
я отвечу "Я живу здесь. Это мой храм"

Новая сессия Камиллы в красных колготках.
Скоро на

Mon, Oct 09, 2017
Source: Колготки
Sun, Oct 08, 2017
Source: Колготки

Sun, Oct 08, 2017
Source: Tights fetish

Thu, Oct 05, 2017
Source: Tights fetish
Hi Everyone Time for a new piece of my art. This is the piece i mentioned earlier about having to do some reworking, I will not worry you about what it was, but it would have caused a bit of confusion, but no re-jigged here we are. Not that a Re-Jigging has helped poor Andys position, indeed it may have made it worse, for now Aunt Jane has called in some professional help, her nephews dressing has become a painstaking, time consuming work of polished precision and skintight perfection. Hope you likeXXXAndy

Thu, Oct 05, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Baby shower!!! I could not imagine that this celebration could be so much fun! Thanks to those who made it! I believe baby shower has come from North America and is getting more popular in Europe. I imagined that my own baby shower will include fun games about maternity, delicious food and and a lot of fun<3 As most of my friends have already babies and children and it is not always easy to find nanny I told my friends that they could bring children. Though it was more difficult to play all the games and we actually could not play them all as I planned, baby shower was a lot of fun!

Games we played:

Guess mommy-to-be size of the belly.
Every guest was cutting the ribbon of the size they thought my belly size is and the closest one to the result was the winner! Frankly speaking, my belly is not that big in comparison to other girls who are expecting. My doctor told me I am tall (177 cm) and it is normal to have such a belly. Mu mom also had tiny bellies with me and my brother.Animal pregnancy guesses
Guests were given the list of animals + human pregnancy in the list and they had to guess how many days pregnancy last for each. Actually, this task wasn't easy, some got 2-3 answers right. The winner got 6 answers right!
If you wish you could try this game too in the link below!
animal_pregnancy_baby_shower_gameFind the guest from the baby pictures
This game was really fun and included surprise, there is my hubby in the game too. Could you find me and him? Baby predictions cards
This game has the list of baby's birth date, time, weight, length and advise for the mom-to-be. We can't know who is the winner in this game yet but very soon we will know<3Diapers race
We didn't manage to play this game though here is a hint for you if you plan baby shower. Guests had to split in two teams and make a diaper on an adult from toilet paper. Mommy-to-be will choose the winning team.


As I have already got Baby box, which is given to everyone in Finland and includes essentials for the baby, plus I got some clothing from my relatives and friends and did baby-shopping in US, I asked my friends if they wish they could bring some interactive games for the baby, diapers or whatever they want as a gift. Baby boy has received 2 diaper cakes. It was so amazing that my both friends who brought these gifts made these diaper cakes themselves! There are different essentials and hygiene products for the baby hidden inside the cake.

This cake made me laugh and cry so much as inside the diapers I found life-moment pictures with my friend and wish cards. Some gifts were hidden as you can't see them. It was so touchy and loving<3<3<3
Such diapers cakes you can buy from different companies who pack them but I think it is much better to make in your own taste!

Baby boy also got books, interactive games, toys, shoes, clothing, hygiene products, frame to make baby prints, blanket etc. It was really nice to receive so many gifts! I am so surprised how world is changing and nowadays baby needs so many products. The main thing for sure that he needs is the love and care from his family that we will give and provide at our best. The whole idea of this celebration is to step into very coming motherhood and enjoy this time. When my hubby was looking at these pictures he told me I look very happy in them as I really feel so. Can't wait to meet our baby boy<3


Anna shift dress by Tiffany Rose maternity

Kunert mommy 20 by UK tights
Wed, Oct 04, 2017
Source: My pantyhose girl

In this video I will shortly tell you about maternity package which is given to everyone who is expecting baby in Finland and is registered in Finnish social system.
I really hope that this maternity package will be given to all parents all over the world like it has started in Finland 80 years ago.

More information about the products you may find in the link below:

Wed, Oct 04, 2017
Source: My pantyhose girl
I was looking at a post actually a post originally published on the new dead Experience Project site I once had an account at that had been reposted at Similar Worlds which in some respects is its successor and the replies to it.
I had a reply from its original poster a few days back and it's really that which I wish to go into this week because the essence of their post was about how they found the term "Sissy" being used there, with nearly every original post and reply around more domination and especially humiliation as if that was all there was to this whole sissy thing.
It had upset them so much that they'd stopped using the term because of the connotations and the way people who defined themselves as sissies their responded to their posts.
For me, their post is one I identify with very much as it was my experience at that site and a sissy adult baby one that pushed me away from it for a good number of years.
You see, for me the sissy identity was like this lovely caption rather more focused about bringing out the femme in you and resetting your relationship with females than endless humilation and being sexually used as a play mate.
The joy of being yourself, feeling comfortable in your own body, free to be you away from the shackles of playing a male you never could do, being the sissy gurlfriend of actual women.
It wasn't that for all your inner feminine sides feeling drawn to it you didn't appreciate a bit of coercion and humilation to push it out so much as just it was never the whole reason to be a sissy and the life so defined. It seemed to take away the feeling of being able to be your whole self with depth and interests replacing them with a shallowness that left you feeling hollow inside.
And yet in all this back and forth, the one thing you can't walk away from is the betweeness feeling neither male or female and the love of being submissive to a Female to the point you'd pretty much follow Her to the moon and back.
Rather than try for the hundredth time to create a new set of labels that can so easily end up being a new tyranny, I feel the real answer to this is just to be the sissy you feel on your own terms. In a word, own it. Have fun in your sissy life as you find it and ignore those just see sissy as another word for 24/7 effeminate male f**k dolly to be used at whim (and there's nothing wrong with being a f**k doll when YOU feel the need).
Wed, Oct 04, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty
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Tue, Oct 03, 2017
Source: Колготки