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Adorable beautiful and tender girl Viktoria received the pack of very special gifts for this Christmas – Exclusive pantyhose and tights straight from New York!
She still doubts what would fit her best: the purple HUE opaques, the red sheer stay-ups or those nude sheer control top nylons?
Or maybe sheer nude nylons OVER red stockings?

(Backstage Video included)

pro-kolgotki 2017-12(2)


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Fri, Dec 22, 2017
Source: Колготки

Wishing every Mistress and sissy a very happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
Normal service will resume after Christmas
Wed, Dec 20, 2017
Source: Sissy candy panty

Wed, Dec 20, 2017
Source: Tights fetish

Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Source: Tights fetish

Hi Everyone, If I may start with a little outburst "I HAVE FINISHED IT, AT LAST!!!!" Sorry about that, but I have been working on this piece of art now on and off for about 8 months, It has gone through more incarnations than Doctor Who and now thanks to the previous piece "Andys Party Nerves" I have found a concept to hang it on. I do not think there is much to explain, Andy has spend the previous evening and night with Lady Theresa and now, next day, after dinner,it is time to relax and time for her Ladyship keep her own promises. I took way to long to create the dress Andy has been slipped into, I could not get the depth of gloss I wanted and also I love the sexy transparent inserts, that allow the dress to be exposing yet still restrictively tight and sweaty. I will say no more, as I expect your comments will only inspire me to greater leaps of imagination and naughtiness.Love and KissesXXXXAndy

Mon, Dec 18, 2017
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Sun, Dec 17, 2017
Source: Tights fetish

Sat, Dec 16, 2017
Source: Tights fetish

Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Source: Колготки

Hello guys! Some time ago we have been at Laura's photography studio in Helsinki and were having newborn photo set of Max with us. Newborn photo sets are made when baby is under two weeks old as his body is still in the position of embryo for this time with his hands and legs bent. If you really think over the newborn photo set for your family, it is better to book time beforehand and before baby is born. Max was born 2 weeks early and we were lucky to get the time at Laura's studio when Max has just turned 2 weeks.

The atmosphere in Laura's studio is not like in typical studio. When we entered it seemed like we came into a small cozy cottage from a fairy-tale. There were very beautiful pictures of Laura's work on the wall, open shelves of different clothing and accessorize for shooting, different kinds of fabric, blankets and pillows. The studio itself is divided into two parts – shooting area and waiting area. While waiting you can relax in the sofa with cup of coffee or tea and let Laura do the magic.

The whole process was fascinating and at the same time so relaxing for Max. Laura have sent us instructions beforehand that Max would feel himself comfortable at the shooting. It is extremely important that baby has full feeding before shooting and will be sleeping during this time. So I was feeding Max at home and in the studio. It is good to have milk ready in a bottle as the whole process of feeding can take longer time. So I pumped some milk at home and brought it with me. Firstly, everything didn't go so smoothly even with full feeding. Max didn't want to fall asleep so we gave him extra milk that I brought and after that he fell into a deep sleep for 2 hours. Atmosphere in the studio lets baby relax, sleep well and enjoy. It was very warm and cozy.

At first we had family photos and they are beyond beautiful and seem so unreal. From here start photos made by Laura. Pictures went out so magnificent, I think they will say more than me <3

I love this picture: father and son…

..and now with mommy…

Laura took so many beautiful shots in various styles from different angles and showed Max in so many ways. I can't find all the words for this incredible experience, it was so amazing to have this special time and I definitely advice you to have these special moments to keep them in memories <3

Emotions took over me when I saw these pictures… It is so fascinating to see Max's expressions <3<3<3

All in all we received a big package of over 120 pictures by email and are waiting for photo box in January with 10 pictures in the box chosen by us – the newborn photo set package included it. We have seen some examples of photo boxes in the studio and decided to go with it. There were also other choices: wall portraits and albums in different styles. As we have never seen photo boxes before and it seemed to us special – our choice was obvious.

All the words can't explain how happy we are to have this experience with Laura. She has been doing newborn and baby photography for many years and her style is very touchy. You can plunge into the atmosphere we experienced by clicking on the video below.

Fri, Dec 15, 2017
Source: My pantyhose girl

Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Source: Tights fetish