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As I said last week, I intended to put a few fashion post up and here is the second.
An interesting variation on the two tone idea as applied to a short summer dress that could be worn with hose or bare legs with just earrings and a bag as accessories.The resultant look is really classy.

Making a splash in the market are what are called mock suspender and stocking tights such as these by 'Gipsy' which are like a tight but cut away so they look like stockings without the business of fastening stocking to garter belt (suspenders in UK). Has anyone tried these and what do YOU think of the idea?
Wed, Jun 13, 2018
Source: Sissy candy panty

Tue, Jun 12, 2018
Source: Tights fetish
Hi Everyone Get this before someone removes it. I was checking out the latest trailers online and glimpsed something that flipped my lid. Further investigations led me to The Girl In The Spiders Web and the briefest of glimpses of a woman being sealed in a latex vacsac. Quickly I downloaded and edited and stretched it into this little 44 second clip. It's all there is on this for now, but i think It might go big time once it is more widely viewed.XXAndy
Ps I am well excited by this because 'Drum roll' Next weekend I have been invited to be vacpacked myself.XXX

Here is my little re edit

Thu, Jun 07, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
After the last few posts that were around more personal gender exploration issues this week I'm moving to another area the repurposed blog will be looking at.
When you're gender fluid like I am your interest in such things as fashions does to a point reflect that so you do look at the many fashion supplements that literally fall out of the weekend newspapers at least here over your tea and biscuits apart from looking in 'women's' clothes shops.
This kind of soft pastel style of dressing is one that does very much appeal to me s it doesn't go quite overboard on frills and lace but has a high 'sugar' content just the same that connects more with that more littlish fashion feel some of us have with creative use of layering and lacing on the bodice.
The choker I feel adds a little something to the complete look.
Wed, Jun 06, 2018
Source: Sissy candy panty

Tue, Jun 05, 2018
Source: Tights fetish
Hi Everyone I created this new art last night after being inspired by a sunny day on the beach yesterday. I wanted Andy to be the centre of attention but even that would be difficult for him surrounded by all the beach babe bodies on display and so, with a little nod to Asudem Latex, I came up with the perfect solution. The BabeSkin,
The following is an extract from BOYS?s sales catalog. "Coat your nephew, son or whomever you wish in our rich lube and slide them in via the neck entry of the ultra skin Latex BabeSkin. You will notice the skin is quite loose, this allows an easier access, however once in place,30 minutes in one of our salons sunbeds will shrink and tighten the skin to a perfect "beyond skintight" fit, creating the perfect Babebody. From there our skilled make up artistes will blend your pretty ones new skin with the natural tones of his pretty face to create the perfect and totally undetectable seam. All is required then is whether your pretty one is dusted down to create a natural flesh tone or glossed up to create that sleek sun oiled beach body.Babe skin comes in a wide range of skin tones, embracing and breaking down cultural boundaries. Whichever you choose, your pretty one will turn heads, blessed with the perfect Bade body thanks the BabeSkin."
So where better to secretly test the BabeSkin than on a hot Californian beach and what stricter examination could there be than getting up close and personal with the most demanding of examiners. It is going to be a long, hot and embarrassing day for our sweet and helpless hero/Heroine, but one that the beach guys will be remember for a very long time. Hope you like this little piece of sunshineXXXXAndy

Mon, Jun 04, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Hi Everyone
Sorry for kind of vanishing for the last week, had some very heavy stuff to deal with, but now It is time to get my fun hat back on and share some stuff with you again.
First thing I am doing today is buying myself a new pair of Latex pants/Jeans.

Thank you for sticking with me. Big Hugs
Sat, Jun 02, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....
Hi Everyone Time to get back into some fun and where better than in the world of ChristeenXXXPsI love love love these especially the last one. Superb classic ChristeenXX

Sat, Jun 02, 2018
Source: Smooth Slick n Shiny. The kinky dreams of Andy.latex.....

Thu, May 31, 2018
Source: Tights fetish
Amazingly it was not just the tenth year in this blog this year but just the 500th edition too which is quite a while in which much has changed over the permutations of this blog as I tried to make sense of it all, fall under and get past peer pressure that got in the way of dealing with the who, what and why of me.
It is so much easier to deal with this by going back to where it all started before layers of grown up confusion came into it.
There's no getting around it, when it comes to my sex I am a boy, I am male so unlike some people when I was born I'd say they got that right and so I spent much of my childhood dressed or to be a little more pretentious presenting as a boy and while I pretty much loathed long trousers at the time and still do I was happy to wear those clothes and actually loved my shorts.
It was more that I sometimes liked to wear skirts and dresses because I liked how they looked on me as much as liked my sex and I'm also happy to wear them so in way the way I liked to dress came between boys and girls although I was happy with being a boy as my sex.
What I wasn't very happy with for much of that time was more not being allowed to express my gender preferences when it came to how I played because while I hadn't a problem with playing with cars and soldiers, I also liked to play with dolls, do skipping, and play more with girls as their 'play' was more what I liked.
It was like because I wore shorts meant I couldn't be me as they acted like a admittance card that wasn't accepted by girls and to which boys only allowed me to do the things they wanted to do.
I don't think with me it was a confusion about my sex or a strong hatred of it coming from a notion of being 'really a girl but in a boys wrapper' but gender roles that clashed with who I was because I am more gender fluid and what I wanted to do was play with the people who liked what I liked and wear clothes I liked.
It's pretty much the same as for what passes as adult life with me when I've worked, I've always spend more time with female colleagues because their interests transcend my biological sex not being at one talking about soccer and all male drink sessions at the public house and that especially between weekends where I have worn a mix of male and female by design clothes and we'd share fashion magazines.
It was never about 'changing sex', hormonal treatments and the like but more about my being able to be me amongst people along the gender spectrum that is within me and having that respected not just by those who haven't had cause to think about gender but also amongst people in the LGBTQ community itself.
Thu, May 31, 2018
Source: Sissy candy panty
My favourite expression on this blog is to say it's been to hell and back with alterations, deletions, restorations and repeat that it's only had some stability in the last few years as I'm working through my own gender issues to gain me some stability I can use.
That's one reason that sooner than trashing this blog and starting all over again like I've tried before I'm turning this one around fixing it what it is I'm looking at about my issues with gender, biological sex, presentation and my mainly age regressed side and talking around that on it.
There was a point when I was exploring the more frillier more overtly 'sissy' side that was almost a sissy only sub section going well beyond just lace, silk and frills and into a kind of world of silky lingerie that was designed to envelope your 'dolly lolly', wrapping in silk and frills.
It has to be said they didn't appear to really fit in with more overtly feminine ideas on lingerie lending themselves to more feminine presentations such as skirts or dresses being more suited for either being exhibited in for more 'adult' roles that I don't get into.
This whole area is one I can see going and the last remaining pairs have gone so the only female underwear I have is either plain frilled female or the sort schools had that was modest and robust.
As part of this whole area is more being more centered on working more on gender and gender expression rather than on sex and aligning with dressing always feminine to that, their going is being linked to an experiment.

Having a day in the week where in my age regressed form I will dress very much as a boy from head to toe, shorts, boys socks and for the first time in ages in boys y front briefs that are for my biological sex while doing a mixture of a small amount of traditional boys activities and mainly other expressly girlish things.
Acting on my gender-fluid emotions and interests freely moving along and between gender norms as a boy rather than doing so from a girl angle.
It has its risks I'm sure given this is closer in spirit to how I was when I was actually a child but given I have no interest in changing my sex and indeed like it preferring just to be me with it, I think it's worth trying as a way of getting better stability and to love being a boy not just having but feeling the love of adult boys supporting me in this.
If I can learn to value my sex that will be a great thing for me.

Wed, May 30, 2018
Source: Sissy candy panty

Tue, May 29, 2018
Source: Tights fetish