Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 46. Anal/oral play and doctors

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Gags, plugs, deep-throating dildos and other (self-)bondage and fetish (e.g. wearing fetish clothes in public) activity has an interesting positive side effect – you get used to various “interventions” in awkward positions and stop being overly shy.

Here’s a couple of examples:

  • using butt-plugs will allow you to relax during proctologist examinations
  • using gags reduces discomfort when dentists place their instruments in your mouth
  • using big (wide) gags train you jaw muscles, so you can open your mouth wider without pain or cramps
  • deep-throat training helps preventing gag reflex what makes throat (epiglottis etc) examination easier and much less painful for both you and the doctor
  • if you are not new to enemas, you know what to expect from enemas and how to deal with the “sensations”
  • wearing fetish clothes and bondage attributes in public, or “performing” in front of your friends makes you less shy and more relaxed during potentially embarrassing medical procedures

On the other hand, you might get unexpectedly aroused, because your brain might confuse medical examination and medical bondage play ;-P

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