Black PVC bed cover from a DIY shop

This is the result. Our bed is covered with the 3×4 (doubled) 0.5mm PVC sheet I bought in Hornbach (see this post). I think looks quite “professional” 😉 And for €21.

After I unpacked the sheet, the first thing I did was rolling into it like a mummy. Back were those times when I was 12-14 yo 😉

The original smell was quite strong and despite an open window I had to cover it with a latex sheet for the night. After ~30hours the smell was bearable and yesterday I spent my first night on 1mm PVC bedsheets. It felt like thick smooth chlorinated latex, a bit too firm to be comfortable, but still OK.

One thought on “Black PVC bed cover from a DIY shop”

  1. Very immpresive – looks wonderful!

    I imagine it must feel incredible to slide around on a sheet of PVC when ensased in nylon and lycra.. yummy!


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