My “Home alone self-bondage and fetish adventures” thread is back

My not-so-micro-blog is back. I have two weeks for myself, my work and my fetishes. Here I post almost in the real-time what I’m busy with, my thoughts, ideas, perversions, current self-bondage sessions, deep throat trainings, etc.

The beginning of the thread is here.
The beginning of the “new season” (if you read the thread earlier) is here.

And a couple of teasers:

deep throat self-bondage deep throat selfbondage single-glove shiny pantyhose deep throat selfbondage inescapable selfbondage session in latex inescapable self-bondage session in latex Forced deep throat gagging with a dildo and latex hood

3 thoughts on “My “Home alone self-bondage and fetish adventures” thread is back”

  1. 2 weeks! That’s not fair… I feel lucky if I manage 2 hours these days! 🙁

    Reading the ‘Home Alone’ blog with great interest and expecting some excellent postings now you have no excuses 🙂

    Have fun you lucky self-bondager!


  2. Posted! 🙂

    Please excuse me if I’ve let my own fantasies run riot, but (in the nicest way) I was thinking of you…err! That came out wrong!

    Ah, what the F! Fantasy is fun – enjoy it 🙂


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