Business trip. Night 1

Bag with fetish and bondage stuffI was pretty worn out after the long drive, but considering the amount of fetish-bondage stuff I took with me, there is no time to relax. Look at the photo on the left. Guess where’s what and what is where?

I bet many of you answered correctly. The content of the white bag is t-shirts, socks and other regular clothes. But the big dark blue ~20kg bag contains half of my fetish possessions ;-P Latex sheeting, leotards, pantyhose, hoods, gags, rope, swimsuits, plugs you name it…

neoprene swimsuit, pantyhose, latex hood and butt-plugSo, what was I going to wear for the night?

No, no bondage! Errrmmm… Yeah, that was my plan… However, when I put these on, I had an unbearable urge to add something more. Ropes!!!! Single-gloves!!!! Tight sleep sacks! Whatever!

Completely blindfolded by the hood I rushed to the hall where I dropped the bags. I put on latex shorts (I did not fully insert the plug, was curious if it could made the way up. And it did even without the tight shorts help). The bound my legs at ankles, above and below the knees. As for arms I decided to use fast simple and effective cycle-shorts single-glove method. To make it more effective I simply looped rope around my wrists behind the back. It sounds simple and not serious, however if you rotate your wrists a couple of times to make the “figure of 8” loops tighter and forget the direction – you are pretty much stuck.

Done! I tried to sleep, but the built-in gag was too long to fall asleep. When the jaw tension loosed the tight rubber hood pushed the gag deeply awaking you. So, after enjoying the bondage for an hour or so, I had to remove the hood.

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