Ray Caesar, strange worlds, own realities and fetishism

Everybody lives in his or her own world or, if you want, reality. To give you an example. A friend of us lives across the road. She claims that since xxx months ago there were no sunny days here, and almost everyday rains. Something we can’t confirm, based on our experience 😉

Fetishists definitely live in their own parallel worlds, which do not get noticed by non-fetishists or even fetishists but with different (“orthogonal” 😉 ) orientation. Think of school-uniform, white blouses, pantyhose, mohair, gloves. Can you imagine, that lots of people around do not even notice pantyhose? And some associate latex with household activities? Some parents believe that kids in school uniform with white nylon pantyhose or knee-highs is something about school or church special events, but high-heels must be burnt in hell? And leotards or swimsuits with pantyhose is about boring ballet classes?

And they all are correct. In their own reality it’s exactly what they say. Ray Caesar thinks that he’s a dog. People say, that he “suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and uses his art as an outlet to express trauma.”

However, both facts did not prevent him from graduating from the Ontario College of Art & Design, working in the Art and Photography department of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where he has documented various child inflictions in sketches, winning lots of awards and prizes, exhibiting his art worldwide, marrying his wife and having a kid. A coyote, as he says…

However, he had to leave England because of intolerance. What reminds me Trevor Brown who also was squeezed out of the same country for the same reasons.

Ray’s world is not pleasant from my point of view. Just like the world Stephen King lives in. Or the events described by Bob Masters in “The Rubber Trigger”. Though, all are magically attractive, and you keep watching, staring or reading.

Interesting fact. The Wiki page about Ray was deleted twice (in 2005 and 2009) and currently does not exist.


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Thanks to Discovery Erotic (Google+) for mentioning this artist!

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