One-way crotch rope as a self-bondage method

Self-bondage method: hooks, a weight and a crotch-ropeI can’t say what the is the story behind this picture made by Peter D by the set-up (with some modifications) can be used for self-bondage purposes.

So, let’s begin.

Hook A – the hook in the left wall
Hook B – the hook in the right wall
Hook C – not on the picture, but imagine it in the right wall or in the floor near the girl’s legs.

Idea #1

  1. Connect the SRD (or any other one-way pulling devices) to Hook A through  the ice time lock (see the extended explanation of the weight method here)
  2. Bind a simple crotch-rope: one loop around your waist, tie off at the small of your back, between your legs, up and under the loop
  3. Connect the free end of the crotch rope to the weight rope
  4. Bind your hands together in front of you
  5. You can also bind your legs and/or use Hook C an the anchor (nit too tight, because you will have to be able to keep balance)
  6. hang your bound hands on the Hook B
  7. release the weight
  8. now if you move towards Hook A, you will not be able to get back and put your hands off the hook
  9. moving farther to the Hook A will arch your back
  10. you will not be able to move much until the ice melts and the lock releases you

Idea #2

This idea is based upon this method. The only difference will be the crotch rope and the absence of leg suspension. All ropes need to be measured very precisely to allow standing (not hanging!) position and slightly arched back. Unfortunately it’s not safe to bind legs here, because you will need to step down from wooden blocks.

Modifications: hands bound together or pulled apart (just like in the cited method)

Some notes for both ideas:

  • Especially for the 2nd idea. Hook (or hooks) B must be very strong and reliable. You must be able to easily hang on it with a jerk. 2x your weight?
  • Think of comfortable cuffs or properly measured wrist coil – there should be some space for the hook
  • Guess, now long can you stand with you arms high up in the air before your arm go asleep? The ice-timer should be set accordingly 😉
  • butt-plugs, dildos are highly recommended, because the constant tension of the crotch rope will make them very stimulating
  • no gags – no bondage 😉
  • I think high heels can be used here, because you should be able to catch yourself with your hands. Hence robust hooks and comfortable cuffs

4 thoughts on “One-way crotch rope as a self-bondage method”

  1. This selfbondage is one I surely have to try. A weekend will be perfect for it, the mail man won’t be bringing letters, so I won’t get distracted 😉

  2. Might be a good way to spend a weekend, yes.
    I wonder if this idea could work for a floor tie or
    my favored chair tie.

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