How close can you get to your fantasy?

real dollHow far do you go with your fantasy? Do you want to look like a girl? Or a manga character? We discussed that before here and here.
But what if:

  • you dream of teens, kids or schoolgirls
  • you want to practice bondage, but you have nobody to tie up
  • you have a latex fetish, but your partner is allergic to latex
  • you have very special fetishes not possible, rare or illegal in real life
  • you are in love with a manga girl or boy
  • you are dying to gag and spank dressed in latex celebrity (e.g. Duffy 😉
  • you are a fetish/bondage photographer with no suitable model
  • you have mannequin fetish
  • you are (temporarily) alone
  • you are handicapped (in all possible senses)

There is a solution.

And the solution is Real Dolls. Some manufacturers call them “candy girls”, some “sexdolls” or “super realistic sex dolls”. The latest generation of real dolls features steel bones and joints, latex or silicone skin, eyes that are able to open and close, remotely controlled vibrators in all orifices, Real Cock (so you can convert a Real Girl into a Real Boy), and even a WiFi network to download suitable sounds and reactions from the Internet.

Source: Realistic Japanese SexDolls

5 thoughts on “How close can you get to your fantasy?”

  1. wow thats ironic, i acutally have a latex fetish, i have to do other materials, why is that erotic?

  2. Clam, I’m not sure I understand your question.
    Why is latex a “fetish material”? Because it looks good 😉
    Are there any other materials? Sure. Lycra, silk, fur, wool, etc. Anything can be a fetish. It’s only “the person” who can tell what turns him or her on.

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