Butt plugs and dildos: 3 variants. Which one?

This is more of a psychological imaginative mental fetish quiz. Which variant do you find more exciting:

  1. A separate plug worn under, let’s say latex clothes. It fits comfortably, because it moves independently from the rest of the clothes. But you can’t get rid of it, it’s always in.
  2. A plug built into latex shorts, a swimsuit or a catsuit. It’s also always in, but the comfort level is definitely lower, than in the first case. On the other hand, you might feel penetrated or pricked by the suit.
  3. A plug built into a (fixed?) stool or a chair. If you sit on it (while wearing latex clothes with a hole) you can’t move back or forth. Only up, down or around. Minimal comfort, more restriction, but (if not bound) you can simply stand up and pull the plug out.

6 thoughts on “Butt plugs and dildos: 3 variants. Which one?”

  1. Hi Ra!

    Well, for me it must be option 1 – the plug worn (hidden?) under clothing. It offers the most posibilities – you can pretty much do anything or have anything done to you in this scenario. Simply tied up, seated on a chair, strapped to a table, driving a car or doing the weekly shopping 🙂

    There is a 4th option – the plug fixed to a wall or some other vertical object. This allows you to ‘back-up’ to it and… ? It does share some of the same features of 3, but is worth considering don’t you think?


  2. Madjack ” wrote:

    There is a 4th option – the plug fixed to a wall

    This is a variation of 2. There is also something between 2 and 3, for example, an upside-down T-bar connected (cuffed) to ankles with a dildo-plug sticking upwards.

  3. One variation from ah-gu (website shutdown): /blog/wp/archives/4993/asphyxiation-31

    That’s option 3, combined with breath control. In order to get air, you must move up and down to pump air, which gets the dildo to move.

    And yes, it’s controversial.

  4. Guest ” wrote:

    One variation from ah-gu (website shutdown)

    Really? Haven’t checked it for months… Pity…

    Guest ” wrote:

    That’s option 3, combined with breath control.

    I do not like breath-control, but this device is fascinating. Just like this one: /blog/wp/archives/4993/asphyxiation-36

    Guest ” wrote:

    And yes, it’s controversial.

    But still he’s a very talented artist.

  5. the one where the boy is sitting on the desk chair that has been replaced with an anal impalement, i found out that is actually sort of doable. i have a photo on tumblr where i was sitting on a baseball bat, and it was quite sturdy. since the end is extremely blunt once it hits the bend it is done.

    nevertheless, there are still saftey concerns.

  6. bobbi ” wrote:

    nevertheless, there are still saftey concerns.

    Yeah, sure. One wrong movement or losing balance and the direction of the pressure is changed to sidewards instead of upwards. And this is really bad.

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