Purple latex. Part I. Anything for Christmas?

There are other interesting colours. Other than blue. For example, purple.

In my mind pearly, shining from the inside purple (read latex) is associated with Christmas tree decoration from my childhood, with the atmosphere of anticipation, exaltation and happiness. So, the meaning of deep purple colour (I like “Deep Purple” as well, but for other reasons 😉 is different for me, but close to metallic blue, dark red and green. They are also the Christmas colours for me.

And since Christmas is close, it’s time to think about presents. I haven’t got any purple items in my fetish wardrobe (only red, black, blue and transparent), and purple would match only black, but probably I can start with something? Just for fun? Let’s see on eBay:

Purple latex in the US
Purple latex in the UK
Purple latex in DE
Purple latex in FR

As expected, in the field of latex clothes, nobody can beat Germany. About what to buy… I always wanted a long latex dress with long sleeves. Such things are extremely expensive in usual fetish shops, but eBay makes lots of dreams much closer to the reality. Any other ideas?

See 16 photos below. See also, Colorful shiny clothes (latex photos) forum thread.

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