Do you have kids? Close the door!

In the play mood? Kids at home or about to be there? Do not forget to close the door!

Via Discovery Erotic (Google+)

7 thoughts on “Do you have kids? Close the door!”

  1. Reminds me of a TV Ad. Mom is dressed in a french maid’s uniform. Father is dressed very smartly. She is sitting on his lap feeding him and kissing him. He is doing other things to her.

    In walks Daughter and friend…….

    Mom: Your home early !!

    Daughter: My parents are so weird.

  2. There was another one on TV.
    This time, Mom comes home, disrobes, and wearing nothing but a G-string, corset and a Straw Hat (like a farmer) starts chasing her husban (mate) around the house. The Husban is wearing but a thong and a pig mask.

    After a bit of chasing, In walks the Daughter and friend…..Again… And says. “I need to find my own place”. And with that, The g-string flys off.

    These ads came from the TV. I wish I could remember what the ad was for. I am sure that it may be on u-tube somewhere.

  3. “French maid”/Dannon yogurt. The “maid” with the phony accent sits in a man’s lap, spoon-feeding him yogurt. Viewers learn the two are married when they are “caught” by their daughter and a friend.

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