“Nana to Kaoru” figures. Part I. Bound Nana for you living room

From the description of bound Nana on eBay:

From Amazume Ryuuta’s manga about two high school students who share a fetish for S&M play. It’s Nana to Kaoru‘s Nana and this time she seems to be in a bit of a…compromising…position. Originally sold exclusively in Japan through Native’s Online Shop, Nana is clad in her school mizugi and lying on her side while she engages in some rope play! And as to be expected from Native’s high level of craftsmanship, you can see just about every detail of Nana’s 1/6 scale body. This impressive work is thanks to YOSHI, who is no stranger to Nana’s body having done Native’s previous Nana figure. With a long resume that includes sculpts for figure manufacturers like Good Smile Company, Max Factory, and Native, YOSHI is the sculptor responsible for some of the most popular figures around. With all that expertise and experience, it’s no wonder Nana looks as good as she does! For additional posing options, Nana also comes with an alternative blindfolded face part to adds to the bondage play. She also comes with both a rope made from PVC and a rope made out of real rope material so you can tie her up. And as a nice little charm point, a hand print sticker is also included to simulate a spanking mark!

Something for your living room?

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