Katy Perry in a latex dress on “The Simpsons” show

Katy Perry appeared on “The Simpsons”, Season 22, Episode 8 wearing a latex dress made by Abigail Greydanus.

“I come to Springfield because Mo and I have been dating, we’ve been on a couple of dates, and I’ve yet to go to his house. He keeps telling me about his house that he has, this bachelor pad. Finally I get a call and he says, ‘Come over babe and let’s hang out’ and I show up and there’s a family there.”

“That’s not my belly button… but I didn’t say stop!”

For copyright reasons the full video is not available for free on the Internet, but I think I managed to find all related pieces. (See below along with some photos from the event).

Also, check the Katy Perry in latex, pantyhose, stockings, catsuits, leotards, etc. forum thread.



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