Single-glove and arm-binder art. Part VI. And single-gloves on eBay

See the previous parts here.

I’m not as brave as Strappado, who buys any interesting looking single-glove device and tries it on alone (see Latex bolero single-glove and Single-glove leotard and self-bondage for more links and information). But I haven’t given up the idea on getting something for myself too.

Today I was searching eBay for related stuff and the results were quite surprising. I hope German guys can shed some light on it (all links are preconfigured for searching arm-binders and single-gloves):

Searching on eBay US gave 104 results.
Searching on eBay UK gave about 70 results with high irrelevancy
Searching on eBay DE gave 136 items from various countries but 0 from Germany or Austria.

I tried also all German words like Monohandschuh, Handfessel(n), Armfessel(n), but with the same result – nothing. Any ideas why? Wrong words? Any specific laws?

Anyway, See 18 pictures featuring various armbinders below and do not forget to upload yours into the Single-glove (monoglove), armbinder art thread.

3 thoughts on “Single-glove and arm-binder art. Part VI. And single-gloves on eBay”

  1. No specific laws in Germany. We are very liberal with such things.
    eBay is the problem! eBay DE deletes nearly all adult stuff.
    Many BDSM items are tagged as “For theatre use” or “Roleplay”.
    Latex clothes can be found on ebay DE.

  2. When you eventually find bondage or similar items on ebay Germany, make sure, you remember tags like “kein Bondage”, “Rollenspiel” etc. for future searches. It is weird, that ebay Germany is so strict about these items, but it has been like that for years and not likely to change anytime soon.

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