Pantyhose in oil. Part III. Or how I introduced my love to pantyhose to my wife

wet pantyhose in oilSee Part I and Part II

This WAM series is neither about wet-n-messy, nor about dominance, nor about naked girls, no. I do not even like the photos at all. But they are a good illustration to the so called “pantyhose disappearing act”.

Look at the girl in pink. She’s wearing pretty much dense white-pink striped pantyhose. Then add some oil. See on the photos below? They are barely visible now! Water produces a similar effect (hence do not be afraid of wearing sheer skin-coloured pantyhose to the swimming pool), you can check in the the shower.

But that’s not all. “The wet pantyhose disappearing act” played a very important in introducing my pantyhose addiction to my future wife. Before jumping into a bad, I told her: “Wait a second…”. I quickly put on light coloured pantyhose: “See? Pantyhose?”. Then jumped in: “See? No pantyhose!”. Not extremely intelligent, no thoroughly developed plan, but simple, funny and working solution.

And it worked 😉

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