Why them? Last week I’ve been to both Versailles and IKEA (yes, I have good excuses for both cases ;-) They both are big, crowdy, located on the outskirt of the cities, have pictures, beds and mirrors inside. Even the temperature (outside) was the same.

And the differences?


You might expect that people would dress up if they are going to visit a palais, and wear old “garden” worn out rags in a warehouse? Ha! Quite the opposite. Minidresses, miniskirts, shorts, high heels with pantyhose in IKEA. Just imagine long-legged girls (NL is the tallest nation in the world) in miniskirts and pantyhose scattered laying on beds and sofas, kids in shorts and opaque thin tights tumbling in soft toys, women on high heels, in skirts and transparent pantyhose checking the wardrobe heights …

And warm jackets, jeans, heavy boots, backpacks in Versailles. Typical tourists you would say. But there are exceptions. I’ve seen a Russian woman wearing high heeled boots with thin pantyhose and skirt on Zugspitze (at almost 3km).