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Swimming or taking a bath in pantyhose, stockings or zentai
Just what the subject says: photos or stories about swimming or taking a bath in pantyhose, stockings or even zentai.

There is a separate thread for latex:
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(Self-)Bound, gagged, plugged, blindfolded and stuck in mud. Videos.

Own photos: 9 part photo set where I'm playing in the shower (encased in pantyhose, swimsuits, lycra monoglove) My first swimming in pantyhose in the pool Swimming in shiny pantyhose and latex briefs
A set from my collection:

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 wetlook-stockings-233.jpg     wetlook-stockings-234.jpg     wetlook-stockings-235.jpg     wetlook-stockings-236.jpg     wetlook-stockings-237.jpg     wetlook-stockings-238.jpg     wetlook-stockings-239.jpg     wetlook-stockings-240.jpg     wetlook-stockings-241.jpg     wetlook-stockings-242.jpg     wetlook-stockings-243.jpg   
Another funny candid set:

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 wetlook-183.jpg     wetlook-184.jpg     wetlook-185.jpg     wetlook-186.jpg     wetlook-187.jpg     wetlook-188.jpg     wetlook-189.jpg     wetlook-190.jpg     wetlook-191.jpg     wetlook-192.jpg     wetlook-193.jpg     wetlook-194.jpg     wetlook-195.jpg     wetlook-196.jpg     wetlook-197.jpg     wetlook-198.jpg     wetlook-199.jpg     wetlook-200.jpg     wetlook-201.jpg     wetlook-202.jpg   
Some more teenagers in wet pantyhose:

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 wetlook-203.jpg     wetlook-204.jpg     wetlook-205.jpg     wetlook-206.jpg     wetlook-207.jpg     wetlook-208.jpg   
 1.jpg     1_vb.jpg     2_vb.jpg     3_vb.jpg     2005_0104Biggi20004.JPG     2005_0104Biggi20020.JPG     h.jpg     ifg.jpg     l.jpg     m.jpg     n_ad.jpg     n_adfvgd.jpg     gf.jpg     n_aerg.jpg     n_affe.jpg     n_aj.jpg     x.jpg   

I've no idea who this is...


Australian lifeguards used to wear tights on their upper and lower bodies as an anti-jellyfish measure. Now there are special 'stinger-suits':


197 more pics of pantyhose in or by the pool here: I think my favourite is:
More wet pantyhose

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 wetlook-174.jpg     wetlook-175.jpg     wetlook-176.jpg     wetlook-177.jpg     wetlook-178.jpg   
(01 Sep 2010, 05:09 )culmor Wrote: Australian lifeguards used to wear tights on their upper and lower bodies as an anti-jellyfish measure.
I've seen it on Discovery Channel many years ago. Everybody (men, women, boys, girls, kids) would put on tights on legs and arms before going into the water. Tights and vinegar (antidote against the jellyfish poison) were freely available on the beach. It was my dream place!

(01 Sep 2010, 05:09 )culmor Wrote: Now there are special 'stinger-suits':

I would prefer to have feet and hands encased in nylon, but encased hands are not "handy" for saving lives.
Oh, on the site there are photos of the suits with attached gloves, hoods and toeless socks. That's more interesting!
(01 Sep 2010, 05:09 )culmor Wrote: 197 more pics of pantyhose in or by the pool here: I think my favourite is:

Great find! These photos proves what I've been saying for years - transparent shiny pantyhose should be always worn under swimsuits and bikinis, also to the beach and pools!

Swimwear redefined.

(01 Sep 2010, 05:09 )culmor Wrote: /33918634@N05/ I think my favourite is:

I should say I have many:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-244.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-245.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-246.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-247.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-248.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-249.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-250.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-251.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-252.jpg     4167502888_d4b645fae6_z.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-253.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-254.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-258.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-259.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-260.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-261.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-262.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-263.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-264.jpg     wetlook-swimming-in-pantyhose-265.jpg   

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