Playing in the shower. Part I. Sakana.

girl in wet pantyhoseDo you remember your feelings when you stepped into water fully closed? Of course, the situations can vary from stepping into lukewarm and bubbling jacuzzi while wearing sheer pantyhose on your legs and arms and a leotard or swimsuit to accidentally falling into freezingly cold dirty autumn river in your woollen sweater, jeans etc.

Accidents aside, let’s start with warm shower. If you have never taken a shower in thin sheer to waist skin coloured pantyhose you should try that at least once. I absolutely adore the “disappearing act”. Just a second ago you could see the shimmering fabric but now it’s gone! Completely invisible yet hugging, trapping your body in shiny smooth transparent “oily” film. This is what “wet-look” is about, isn’t it?

girl in wet office clothesAdd some shower crème or shampoo and slowly caress yourself sliding your nylon covered hands over your nylon covered legs, body, oh….

Are you sitting in the office? In you office clothes? Too far from the shower, shampoo, yellow rubber duck and the rest of your toys? Then look around, make sure that nobody will see your face and check out this website (mostly Japanese). Fabulous gallery, minimalistic and up-to-the-point photos, thoroughly chosen clothes, stockings, high heels, beautiful girls and warm water. You can even feel it…

Enjoy ;-P

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