Swimming in shiny blue zentai. Part II

See Part I.

Three questions still remain unanswered:

  1. Where do you get a good quality very elastic shiny metallic zentai suit with reliable coating? (No, it should not be blue, but.. why not? 😉
  2. How difficult is it to breath through wet coated lycra fabric?
  3. Where do you swim in zentai (latex, swimsuit and pantyhose, etc)?

See 21 photos below.

4 thoughts on “Swimming in shiny blue zentai. Part II”

  1. it is cool to swim in zentai.but you need to pay much attentin on the safety.
    shiny metallic zentai suits are not good for swimming because these suits will be easily ruined and some poor ones,the metallic powders come off even when they get wet.and metallic suits do not allow you breathe very well and when they get wet,it is very dangerious during swimming.So I recommend that you wear one with holes like open mouth.
    Usually we use lycra spandex zentai for swimming.
    by the way,quality zentai can be founded on zentaizone.com
    nice shots!!

  2. I had a very nice red catsuit, but after one washing, cold water only, all the red got faded and blotchy.

    No, not good to swim or get them wet.

  3. Yes, I found out for the best results is to wash them in Luke warm water, INSIDE OUT, and lay flat to dry.
    That’s what I was told to do.

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