Do wet pantyhose change your mind?

Aurora swimming in a dress, lacy pantyhose and high heelsThis is in response to Madjack’s post in the forum.  His turn-off’s are: white, green, pink pantyhose and anything with stripes or a pattern.

Fair enough, everybody’s got his or her own “deviations”. But I though what if we alter the “test conditions” a bit? What if we make the “being tested pantyhose” wet? Aurora’s photos came just in time. She’s wearing white patterned pantyhose. Double turn-off 😉

Madjack, what do you think?

One thought on “Do wet pantyhose change your mind?”

  1. ’tis a terrible thing that you’re doing to me Ra!

    There are some amongst us (and I’m not one of them!) who simply look stunning in anything – Aurora is one of those fortunate people.

    OK – so she’s wearing the wrong colour and it’s got a pattern, but in Aurora’s case I see beyond these trivialities and into a much greater beauty.

    I’m not converted! But I am willing to admit that my preferences are for personal (and fantasy) use only, and, as we all should know, reality is always so much more!


    Ps. might have been even better in wet shinny Tan… :-))

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