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Celebrities in pantyhose or stockings
I was asked to create a dedicated thread for celebs in pantyhose. Here it is Wink

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OK, let's begin:

cel-01.jpg thumbnail    cel-02.jpg thumbnail    cel-03.jpg thumbnail    cel-04.jpg thumbnail    cel-05.jpg thumbnail   

No idea who she is, though Big Grin
Madonna-fishnets.jpg thumbnail   
Some more unknown (to me) pantyhosed celebrities (high-rez photos):

cel-06.jpg thumbnail    cel-07.jpg thumbnail    cel-08.jpg thumbnail    cel-09.jpg thumbnail    cel-10.jpg thumbnail    cel-11.jpg thumbnail   

For some reason they all prefer fishnets. Was it a particular fashion trend?
AnnaLynne McCord
mccord.png thumbnail   
Jessie J
JessieJ.jpg thumbnail   
Karen Gillan
Gillan1.jpg thumbnail    selfie.png thumbnail    selfie_tights.jpg thumbnail    elizas-leopard-print-top.jpg thumbnail   
Celebs in red and pantyhose:

cel-18.jpg thumbnail    cel-22.jpg thumbnail    cel-23.jpg thumbnail    cel-25.jpg thumbnail    cel-26.jpg thumbnail    cel-30.jpg thumbnail    cel-31.jpg thumbnail    cel-32.jpg thumbnail   

All hi-rez
(06 May 2017, 00:44 )Like Ra Wrote: Celebs in red and pantyhose:

All hi-rez

I recognize Jane Seymour and Natasha Henstridge and I believe that is the late Anna Nicole Smith. Not sure of the other two.
cel-36.jpg thumbnail    cel-37.jpg thumbnail   

Is it Rihanna?

cel-38.jpg thumbnail    cel-39.jpg thumbnail    cel-40.jpg thumbnail   
(07 May 2017, 01:50 )Like Ra Wrote: Is it Rihanna?

No, boobs are too big.
(07 May 2017, 09:33 )Mumaith KhanVixien Wrote:
(07 May 2017, 01:50 )Like Ra Wrote: Is it Rihanna?

No, boobs are too big.

Google Images thinks she is Indian film actress Mumaith Khan.

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