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Hypnotic chastity and orgasm control
Or... How about "no orgasm for 10 days"? Full erection, edging, but no orgasm?

(09 Jul 2017, 20:50 )Like Ra Wrote: How about "no orgasm for 10 days"? Full erection, edging, but no orgasm?
Did not work for me. Possibly because of the reasoning, possibly because of the concentration, but in any case, it was a very nice relaxation/meditation induction. 47 minutes passed like 10. So, I think these files can help during long flights.
This is an interesting one:

"This is something experimental. It’s a masturbation fractionation loop for men which pretty much traps you in the loop and makes you very hard. And harder with every loop. It also makes it harder to achieve an orgasm, but that’s OK, because you want to train yourself more and become even harder.

I’m not really sure if it’s evil, that’s probably something you have to determine yourself… and depends how long you will be trapped in it."

I do not touch myself (actually, I can't, for some reasons), I just begin to leak. The arousal (not erection, but arousal) remains for much longer.
OK guys, try this one in a loop and tell me what you feel:

(Mind Melting Masturbation Max Arousal)

Very arousing! Very interesting sensations. Everything becomes heavy, slow and vibrating.

You have two choices in this file. The first is how many ruined orgasms you have to have before you’re able to finally have a real, satisfying orgasms again. And once you made this choice and listened, you’re only have one real choice left: Do you ruin the orgasms yourself or do you let the file ruin them for you and leave you even more desperate and horny afterwards? Whatever you choose, it will be completely impossible to have a satisfying orgasm before you have had enough ruined orgasms.

You have to write down a number from 1-50 ruined orgasms before you listen. This file is limited to a maximum number of 50 ruined orgasms.

Ruined (Isolation Induction) mp3 30 min

Ruined (Leash Induction) mp3 22 min
This loop can be very effective and addictive.

Quote:Endless edging without orgasm

This file is a loop for edging without orgasm. You will find that orgasm is impossible for you and you will love to edge yourself to the brink of orgasm. Orgasm is not a need, you will crave to edge yourself during watching porn. Each time you see a man cum, you will slap your balls for remind you that orgasm is really painful and you don't want to release yourself. This file is intended to be loop during masturbation's session.

.mp3   Endless_edging_without_orgasm_loop_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 2.78 MB / Downloads: 22)
Chastity trigger:


When someone says "Chastity Time for you" you will find yourself in a state of enforced chastity where you genitals will have no real sensation, and you will resist any form of sexual contact(whether you want it or not). Orgasm will be impossible in this state and you will remain that way until the person who said it says "I unlock you"

Two versions:


.mp3   TrigChastity_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 7.69 MB / Downloads: 11)


.mp3   TrigChastity_(Subliminal).mp3 (Size: 7.69 MB / Downloads: 12)

The body is not recorded properly (pauses, stutters and stumblings Sad ), so I prefer the subliminal version with some added binaurals (you can play them from the other "background" thread). I must say that it works a bit. Needs more listening, though.

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.txt   TrigChastity_(Script).txt (Size: 5.34 KB / Downloads: 11)

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