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Hypnotic images
Images (still and animated) that should help entering the trance state.
Hi-rez animated spiral/tunnel:

HypnoTunnel 2 Silver-Blue.gif thumbnail   
More hypno animations:

Hypno_floating_spikes-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_rotation-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_spirals-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_spiked_sphere-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_cave-01.gif thumbnail   
I like the round ball moving like a squid
here's one in side-by-side 3D:

pretty cool effect with a GearVR, but could be longer...
More animated fun:

moving_hypno_tentacles-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_moving_circles-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_spirals-02.gif thumbnail    hypno_spirals-03.gif thumbnail    moving_hypno_tentacle-02.gif thumbnail   
hypno_moving_sphere-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_cave-02.gif thumbnail    hypno_spirals-04.gif thumbnail    hypno-curves-01.gif thumbnail    hypno_spirals-05.gif thumbnail   
Girl with a pendulum:

girl_with_a _pendulum_01.gif thumbnail    girl_with_a _pendulum_02.gif thumbnail    girl_with_a _pendulum_03.gif thumbnail   
(27 Mar 2018, 00:43 )Like Ra Wrote: Girl with a pendulum:

Yesssss.... [animated]
223B0166-316C-49C1-84D5-81281A50CFFE.gif thumbnail   
if you watch the girl spin while undergoing hypnosis you will find it to be very trance inducing.   You'll notice the longer you look, the more you will not be able to remove your gaze from her curvy feminine silhouette.  Watch closely for and notice which way she is spinning - is it clockwise your counter clockwise?  Now, watch her for a little longer - she will spin in the opposite direction.  When you see this, it is an indication that you are a candidate to go under a very special kind of hypnosis that you'll love.    ;-)   and you'll find you'd like to send me a message

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