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Hypnotic HFO
Hands-free orgasm should be the ultimate test/proof for hypnosis. Something you can't fake 😉
"Hardon time for you" trigger


Gives you a hardon for a period of time. After which you orgasm automatically no matter where you are. The trigger is 'Hardon Time for you' and the amount of time you have to be hard. (self triggerable)

Binaural version (body only)

TrigHardon_(Binaural).mp3 (Size: 7.3 MB )

The script:

TrigHardon_(Script).txt (Size: 14.42 KB )
The "bondage experience" file actually pulled it off for me, and is one of the only hypnosis files that have actually worked on me so far.

Get yourself comfortable lying down on your bed and I hope you can enjoy some time together with me. Probably best without head phones but a speaker next to you in the room to create a feeling of me being present. ...

Had one of my first HFOs ever at the end. It's a well done script. I'm just a bit embarrassed that it was being done by another guy...that's how well written it was.

(I'm on mobile, so I'm not sure how to add the player to this post, or if it just does it automatically for attachments.)

bondage_experience_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 35.23 MB )

I know this file, but I never tried it "in real" 😁 So, it really works, then.
For those who like it slow and ... possibly ... women ...

And another one, mostly for men 😊

01 Jackpot - No Hands.mp3 (Size: 33.07 MB )

jackpot-1.txt (Size: 18.82 KB )
JackPot 2:

02 Jackpot 2.mp3 (Size: 42.24 MB )

jackpot-2.txt (Size: 50.84 KB )

Any results?
Okay - I will give them a try 😊
Listened to jackpot-1 . It has no effect on me. May the file has to much stereo from left to right and such.

Tomorrow I ll gibe the other one a chance to be better 😊

Jackpot-2 didnt work for me
There are 9 files in this series 😁

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