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Hypnotic plugs
Just found this funny one:

"This file installs a virtual plug in your ass. The plug will inflate and deflate rhythmically giving you a constant feeling of arousal and a need to relieve yourself. The plug will stay with you for the rest of the day, but will not prevent you from going to the toilet. The plug goes away when you go to sleep that night. But you will feel a strong urge to listen again the next day to reinstall the plug."

Something for tomorrow morning... 😋

I wonder if it would work as a subliminal 😁 (Will test the Audacity conversion process, let's see...)
(11 Jul 2017, 16:08 )occorics Wrote: If you don't want it to be permanent, it won't be...
they fade after a while when they're not repeated.
This is my understanding as well. Let's see what happens...

BTW, this is silent subliminal version of the Virtual Plug file (see below):

Cardigan_-_Virtual_Plug_for_loop_Silent_Subliminal_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 24.02 MB )

Will it work? The original version works 😁

Cardigan_-_Virtual_Plug_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 13.9 MB )

Cardigan_-_Virtual_Plug_for_loop_Silent_Subliminal_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 24.02 MB )

Attached Files
Cardigan_-_Virtual_Plug_(Subliminal).mp3 (Size: 9.44 MB )

While the original "Virtual Plug" works during the hypnosis and a bit after, the effect quickly wore off ☹ Will try for several days, let's see if it stays longer. As an experiment, I'm currently looping the silent subliminal version on my laptop.

My second shower visit was much "lighter" than the first one: I did not "try to masturbate", there was no gag, however I quickly went through several pleasurable bondage positions (the visualization of the rope binding my wrists to my neck was very vivid), but I did miss the gag!
Wow, as soon as I concentrate on by bottom, it begins to work again!
I could not resist and listened to the body of the file for the second time today. It worked much better! I constantly feel my sphincter tightens and expands, waves of arousal go directly to my cock. And no masturbation!
The body I cut out of the main file is 10min, so it should be easier to listen and/or use as subliminal loop.
Arrrgh... I love this file!
I'm amazed how easily programmed we are....

And I like the gentle virtual dildo in my rear. It's perfectly doing it's work.

Welcome to The Matrix....
After many hours the virtual dildo is still "in". It was "out" while I was doing some meditation/yoga stuff, but was back immediately afterwards. The sensations are very close to gentle estim applied to anus.

Meanwhile, I have the "Feminizing ShowerBot" silent track running for a couple of hours.
Some ongoing notes.

"Feminizing ShowerBot" silent subliminal

I do not think it affected me. During my third shower visit yesterday I was "bound" in a muscle cramping balltie, periodically gagged, and then released. That's it. I think it's a lingering (or permanent???) effect of the "Shower bondage" trigger. No idea what should happen if several programs are linked to the same trigger. I will experiment further with listening to the subliminal only.

Virtual butt-plug

As "promised" the plug "disappeared in the morning (it was still "in" when I went to bed). I tried very hard to concentrate and feel the same sensations as yesterday, but apart from a couple of sphincter contractions nothing happened. So I started the subliminal version of the file. Using the built-in speakers of the laptop and headphone during the business concalls (you can combine them, nice, eh?). What I noticed is that the vibrating dildo is back, but I feel it only if I'm close to the laptop. If I go outside of the sound reach, I feel nothing.

That does not prove a lot, at the moment, because there might be other conditional reflexes involved, for example, my body remembers the sensations when I was sitting behind the computers. Or I convinced myself, that it should work (similar to hypnosis but still a bit different). My gut feeling says, that it works, though.

During the say I will check if the effect stays with me, if track is stopped (once again, I do NOT hear it, it's way to low and way too highly pitched), or if I'm away from the computer. Then will try again tomorrow. I will not use any other virtual dildo programs until I'm pretty familiar with this one, and the results are repeatable.
The subliminal off - the dildo disappears. Any subliminal on - the dildo is back (not as effective as if the Virtual Plug is playing). Have I trained my ass to detect silent subliminals? 😁
(12 Jul 2017, 11:28 )Like Ra Wrote: "Electric dildo curse", that I'm going to try:
Quote:Electric dildo curse
This file places a dildo that constantly expands, contracts, penetrates, and shocks the user in the users anus. It is a curse and it may not be removed by anyone but me.

This one did not do anything to me.

Electric_Dildo_Curse_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 2.9 MB )


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