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Have I got too much fetish gear?
I was trying to sort through my gear a while ago and took a quick set of photos with it all laid out on the bed...

 gear.JPG    - contents of my 'toy bag' spread out on the bed, lots of pantyhose, 2 nylon catsuits (now 4!), black zentai suit, lycra body, etc

 boots rope and gag.JPG    - rope, my boots and a harness gag

 fav plug and dildo.JPG    - my favourite butt plug and dildo (which I'm determined to 'deep throat')

 hood, chains, cuffs, ball and sheath.JPG    - a lace-up leather hood (nice but scary when totally helpless), a great latex cock and ball sheath (when I can get it on!) and other goodies

 enema gear.JPG    - my enema gear, enema plugs and such. Currently a source of much frustration due to repeated failures in use😡

I seem to have a excess of everything... but now I've brought even more!

Oh dear, do I have a problem? 🤔

If we are talking fetishes, there's no such thing as "enough" 😉 Have you seen my plugs collection (I posted a photo last year)? And I still want/need more 😁
BTW, a good thread. All, can you post photos of your collections?
My latex hood collection
My plugs/dildo collection
(21 Feb 2012, 13:59 )madjack Wrote: I seem to have a excess of everything... but now I've brought even more!

Oh dear, do I have a problem? 🤔

I have a question ?

How do you choose stuff for a session - my head would explode contemplating the possibilities and combinations.

I'll post pics of my collection as soon as I'm able to organise it, in the mean time here is Seattlespandex's closet.

 1.jpg     2.jpg     3.jpg     4.jpg   

Looks like a shop 😉
wow - i am still stunned ...
If you look at the newer video clips from Seattlespandex on Flickr you'll see that even the undersides of the shelves holding the packets of tights now have pics of ladies in lycra on them o.O The layers of lycra tights and leggings on the floor must be getting on for 200mm thick...
TTD, are you around? ;-P

I think he can beat most of us. Just a fraction of his swimsuit collection: Fetishes, swimsuits and swimming

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