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Curse Stroke Sissy (CSS) feminization hypnosis
(14 Feb 2021, 23:01 )christianna Wrote: sigils
A quick note. I think we define sigils differently. "I" define them as a "link" to an egregor. A sigil can be pretty much anything: a sign, a drawing, an artifact. It's like a hypno-trigger which connects you to egregors, so you do not have to tune you resonances to various egregors every time. Just concentrate on the sigil, and bam! you are connected.

I think you define sigils as servitors - thought-forms without separate and independent identity/personality.
(14 Feb 2021, 23:01 )christianna Wrote: Everything was said to keep me horny and listening to more brainwashing feminization hypnosis files so I could be manipulated and fed upon.
Manipulated to do what? I fully agree with "fed upon", though.

I "think" that it's much "simpler" (most likely we are talking about the same thing but in different terms/words). Or, possibly, I oversimplify things to avoid getting into the always wrong classifications:

Radiosignal analogy first:
- we (like pretty much everything) receive and transmit energy
- energy can be transmitted over various frequencies
- energy can be used to transfer information
- we (like pretty much everything) tune to the frequency send/receive energy and send/receive information

No esoteric here. Radio-station, radio-signals, radio-tuners, WiFi, etc.

Now it's getting more esoteric,

- Thought-forms (TF) are energo-informatinal structures
- TF (like pretty much everything) send/receive information over various frequencies
- If we think, that religions, cults, corporations, countries exist (they are completely immaterial!!!), than we have to admit, that TFs exist
- We can get energy via food
- TFs can get energy only from us (or from other creatures, that can generate energy)
- TFs want to live (like pretty much everything) and evolve (like pretty much everything)
- In order to get energy from, say, humans, TF can stimulate humans to think of them
- In order to get more energy, TF can stimulate humans to recruit more humans
- In order to get more energy, TS can implant ideas
- TFs are unknowable to, say, humans

That's it. Nothing personal. Just business and radioengineering 😉 We use TFs, TFs use us.

If we have feminization fetish, feminization TFs/egregors will help us to get more pleasure from this fetish by providing ideas and a bit of energy, then will feed on our energy of attention, sexual energy, etc.

All this reptilian stuff is highly questionable and not very useful even if it's true. It's just business. We can use egregors to get knowledge and energy and progress, egregors can use our knowledge and energy to live and progress.

In other words, it's up to us to connect to only those egregors, which might help us to progress and achieve our goals 😊
(14 Feb 2021, 23:24 )christianna Wrote: Neonates and reptilians are part of the Archons that were mentioned in the Gnostic texts. Neonates seem to feed on anything that is kinky, fetishy, bondage related, or D/s BDSM.
I'm afraid you are getting into the classifications, which might not be very relevant here 😊

"I" define egregors as though-forms, that can connect to different (living? -- what is living?) objects. There are egregors of everything: humanity, Earth, Facebook, bondage, stamp collectors, Shinto, etc. E.g. in Japanese culture they use the name "spirit" - spirit of the river, spirit of the forest, etc. Same concept.

We cannot know the intentions of the egregors besides two: survive and expand.
Back to the file and my auto-writings. Some facts:

- I wrote the texts under the influence of CSS
- I wrote them in a kind of trance
- I would never write some phrases in a "normal state"
- Under the influence of the file(s) I feel various physical sensations, that make my body do various movements and/or utter various sounds

Now assumptions:

- There is no new information
- All information was known to me
- It can be a kind of a "hallucination" instead of a "Reality vision" (a pure "tonal" creation, instead of a look to the "nagual" - in Castaneda's terms)

And? No idea, I just follow my body movements 😊
Just listened again, while answering posts here. I was so deep in my thinking, that I did not even notice the file 😁

Feb 15, 2021

SCM Wrote:--- Curse Stroke Sissy by SB
Just in time for today - what have you been waiting for? You have almost missed your training!

That's it, no other effects.
Listened to the SB file. At first I felt disappointed, I didn't feel that deep, and then those binaural tones kicked in. Wow!

By the end I was a mess and panting the name in my head. I had the name "Katie" pop in and it's like it stuck there. Pretty impressive file, though currently I'm not feeling any lasting urges. We'll see what happens tomorrow, I suppose 😋
(15 Feb 2021, 07:51 )spiraltone42 Wrote: By the end I was a mess and panting the name in my head. I had the name "Katie" pop in and it's like it stuck there.
Yep, sounds very familiar. The obvious proof, that the hypnosis works.

(15 Feb 2021, 07:51 )spiraltone42 Wrote: I'm not feeling any lasting urges
Also true. The effect can be cumulative, though.
(12 Feb 2021, 23:18 )spiraltone42 Wrote: Might be more effective now!
Could be. According to my theory, the more (often) people listen to a particular file, the more powerful it gets.
I will say, now after spending the day after listening last night, I've thought of that name fairly regularly throughout the day, and it definitely feels nice. If I have time I'll be giving it another listen soon
(15 Feb 2021, 22:48 )spiraltone42 Wrote: I've thought of that name fairly regularly
Is this name associated with anybody in your past?

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