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Bambi Sleep stuff
(11 Oct 2023, 14:10 )transcendentMetamorph Wrote:
(10 Oct 2023, 18:43 )Like Ra Wrote:
(10 Oct 2023, 18:12 )transcendentMetamorph Wrote: I'm on a bit of a BS content production kick at the moment
Any details? 😉 We can move to the BS thread -

I've started off simple, with a general safety file. That one can be found here:

The rest is all still in the conceptual phase, but I'll probably be picking one of these to run with in the coming weeks:
  • Anal/oral focus file, essentially an audio-only version of the popular Overload video.
  • A file to mitigate the IQ reduction effects, for those that aren't interested in the dumbing down aspects of Bambi.
  • A dedicated "cum from giving head" sort of file. This aeady exists in the Blowup Pleasure Toy and Mindlocked Cock Zombie files, but I think it would be nice to have something standalone.
  • A file to help generalize the idea of "cock" for Bambis that have partners with pussies.
  • Something where Bambi can get temporarily smarter for a while in exchange for becoming even dumber once the effects wear off.

I'm in love with the idea of the last one
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(27 Oct 2023, 03:53 )Like Ra Wrote:
(27 Oct 2023, 03:46 )BondageGreen Wrote: just highlighting all the text and doing a copy paste
Yes, please, that would be better!

So about the "TheBFiles" as per Rule #10

This sticky is about a collection of hypnotic files which are openly available. The name of theses files is unfortunately and insidiously an open hypnotic trigger so someone reading or hearing the name of the collection can be triggered. This is why our group requires that any discussion of these files not openly refer to the name of the files or to any of the triggers established by the files. Please instead use the term "TheBFiles"!

The rest of this discussion, the linked files or the comments below may be troubling or triggering. Please proceed with caution!

In trying to strike a balance between information and avoiding triggering members, I'm going to obfuscate the name of the files (as it's a trigger established by the files) however it will hopefully be enough so that you can recognize it should you come across it. The collection of files goes by the name "B---i S---p".

@byebyebrain666 has kindly given permission to link to a collection of resources. It's highly recommended that if comfortable, you have a look at the list of triggers established by TheBFiles and the documented safety issues:
TheBFiles files trigger list
safety issues in TheBFiles excerpt from faq

@byebyebrain666 resources go into much more detail:
TheBFiles unofficial faq WIP
TheBFiles transcriptions
TheBFiles files transcription list

Some recent conversations about the Bfiles are:
BuzzFeed article about abuser using hypnosis, drugs, conditioning, coercion, peer pressure
"TheBFiles" subliminal recordings

Here is a link to someone who went through the trouble of creating deprogramming files specifically for the BS files.

I have heard a lot about these B files but if your not interested in this type of file then would listening to them just once affect you

@Benyebo I don't know how to predict how someone could respond to any particular recording. Once might be enough, many times might not be sufficient for the suggestions to be accepted. If someone were interested then perhaps reading a transcript from back to front would be a better approach as typical hypnotic structure is to put suggestions later in the session?

@_-SunnyAries-_ here is the info on the B files. It’s terrifyingly horrible and disgustingly sick. Now we have resources to add to the class. I feel we have to use these to protect people from the predators that are foul enough to use these in a malicious way without consent.

These files would be a lot less harmful if it was just a crappy set of files, but what makes it really dangerous is the people who keep pushing it on others, brandishing its harmful and dangerous reputation as points that make it interesting.

I don't get why anyone would think these files are harmless fun. Bimboification and free use are incredibly niche kinks and don't always go together. They are both edge play, since bimboification is about changing someone 's personality, and free use is CNC. You can't push this on people who just want to get hypnotised. There's a lot of stuff in these files that most people just don't want. Advertising it as harmless fun is ridiculous.

Fact of the matter is, those guys want a cheatcode to control other people. They can't hypnotise people, they need a file to do it for them. And these files give them open triggers to use on a person who has been conditioned. The guys who push these files on other people are just looking for someone to use triggers on, because they don't know how to actually do hypnosis with another person.

So, be wary whenever you see someone claim that these files are even remotely interesting. Be wary when someone says you should listen to a file and you don't know what it does.

Now I'm not intimately familiar with these files, bit as I understand it, they are designed to be listened to on loop or in succession, so that the user becomes conditioned. Conditioning is harder to resist and remove when you eventually want to stop and get back to your normal life stuff, like your job and your family. And these files don't just have a simple reinduction trigger that others can use, it's designed as bimboification/slutification, designed to change the interests and kinks of the user. That's a big decision with a lot of risks, not something people should advertise as "a fun file". It can really impact someone's life and that should be a conscious decision, taking into account all the risks.

Pushing these files on hapless people who just want to be hypnotised is wrong. Yet somehow these files have a bunch of fans who seem to do just that.



Thanks! This is a solid resource when I get asked why I think its a bad idea again. 😟


If you are a good subject for conditioning, like say a bit ocd or a bit rigid in thinking, once can be enough to keep you going.

Particularly with added hypnosis to guide your focus and response.

I really do not recommend opening your mind to known malicious content.


Ah yes, the "deer slumber" files

Here is what I know,

First of all, the induction file, "Bubble Induction" it uses are actually stolen script from a file of similar name, but made by Lutz on WarpMyMind in 2007. I listened to bits and pieces of the "deer slumber" version, it is the exact same thing but with some changes to the script. Here is the link to the original file, the "deer slumber" files never properly gave credit to the creator, even though Lutz had been inactive for a very long time on WMM. Original version also had a different trigger.

Second, I had personally deprogrammed one before, but only after the person had not listened to the files for a very long time, and considered themselves as a former "B----", the triggers the files set up are deeply buried in their mind, inside a pink bubble, so if any deprogramming attempts don't target this pink bubble, the person will eventually relapse and start listening again and go back to being a "B----".

Here is how I did it, the person that I deprogrammed, since it had been a while, I gave her the original Bubble Induction by Lutz, and the trigger was successfully installed without triggering "B----", however, at the time, I didn't know she listened to these files, it was a subject that I met in a hypnosis discord server and I have her permission to do sessions with her, and she was looking for things like making alters, so I made an alter for her, but instead of trying to come up with some random alter, the alter is pretty much a clone of her original personality, but very much in my control and have no other hypnosis triggers. When I finished making the clone alter, I then brought up the clone alter and told "her" to prevent the subject listening to the "deer slumber" files. This is when I found out, from the alter, that the subject aeady listen to them, but didn't go down deep in the rabbit hole because she didn't like how she felt, but she was "B----" for a while before she stopped. Knowing this, I eventually started a joint effort between the original personality, and the clone alter, to dive deep into her own subconscious, and looking for the pink bubble. Now, there is actually a second bubble, from Lutz's Bubble Induction, which is where the original personality and the clone alter is, I told the original personality to imagine that the bubble from Lutz's version as a purple bubble, and the walls of this bubble is impenetrable to all hypnotic effects of other commands and programming she had before, including the "deer slumber" files.

When we found the pink bubble, I told both personality to imagine that their own purple bubble have a giant vaccum, and it has the capacity to suck up all the pink fog that is surrounding the pink bubble, and this giant vaccum requires both of them to operate. Once the pink fog is all gone, I then let them imagine an "Erase Ray" weapon on the purple bubble, and it can erase anything they aim it at, I told them to aim at the pink bubble and make it disappear as they zap it. This is also how I normally do deprogramming with other triggers and hypnosis commands, including my own that I no longer need.

While they were zapping, the clone alter told me that the original personality had some trouble with the erasing process, and wanted to go to the pink bubble multiple times, which I denied her to do and remind her to only want to stay in the purple bubble, because it is the better bubble. But this is all nothing the clone alter couldn't handle (I also programmed the clone to be a guardian of some sort), once the pink bubble is completely erased, all of this person's memory as being "B----" went with it, in the end, when I wake her, and asked her who is "B----", she doesn't even know who that is.

So it seems like not only triggers, but also the "B----" memories will be stored in the pink bubble, erasing that erases it all. Now this person only have my triggers, and the clone alter inside her, I come to an agreement with the subject to let the clone alter share control. So it is pretty much that a clone of herself, is sharing control as someone else, with the original personality, which is still herself, nothing too confusing to understand I hope lol.

One last thing, the "deer slumber" files also uses stuff from Neural Net, I had talked to him in a Discord server before, and I just gotta say this, don't bother talk to this guy, he is self centered, love to gaslight you, and he doesn't believe that these files can do any harm. But it seems like he is notorious for this kind of stuff, and a lot of people knows,

P.S I have bimbofication stuff of my own, but it is in the form of turning normal drinking water to a "bimbo potion", and my hypnotee can customize the duration of the effect, so once it is over, they go back to normal with memories from the effect of the "potion". Unlike the "deer slumber" files which relies on stolen creations, I made all this on my own, wrote the script myself. I only use Lutz's Bubble Induction for the trigger it contains, which I then use text chat to do text hypnosis sessions with the trigger, I also changes it to something only I can use, since it is an open trigger, for the subject's safety. Original version is nothing but an open trigger, no other strings attached.


also, I forgot to mention, it also depends on if the subject listened to the protection file or not, if they listened to the protection file, well, there is nothing we can do besides waiting for the "B----" to fade away, and even then, I don't know if the person can be deprogrammed.


@masterfu678 "Protections" aren't magic. Reframe what "protection" means would be a possible approach.

In this context, the Protection file is a file in the BS files series that gives suggestions that make it much harder for the bmb conditioning to be removed. You really need to step back and think before you comment on something.

@Nath Yes, and it is more like, if ANY deprogramming attempt are tried after listening to the protection file, the B---- will delete/kill the original personality.

There are scripts of the files online if you searched for it, including the protection file

Group leader reminder:
Please don't post transcript excerpts from TheBFiles!


I feel like a failure right now

I was talking to another girl in a hypnosis discord server. I saw in her chat history that she was asking about the files. I aeady worked one session with her, and this was just a normal hypnosis session of me showing how it all works. I taught her that hypnosis is about relaxation, altered state of mind, and power exchange obedience. Gave her an obedience trigger and a feel good trigger. Which I set up after instructing her to wear her best looking outfit from her closet, feel good doing so, and linking the trigger to the feeling. Pretty much everything people listen to the "deer slumber" for but I didn't even have to use it to achieve this, because I had taken Jay Cataldo's hypnosis course, The Mindvana Method, and I know the basics of setting up such stuff.

I also told her how damaging these files were, and she should not listen to the files, but today she was determined on listening to the files, because the people in this discord server, bunch of fake hypnotists, are messaging her telling her how good the file is, so she was determined to listen to it, even my obedience trigger I set up for her before doesn't work. As this is an online chat, there is nothing I can do, so I just told her "ok fine, but don't say I didn't warn you, by the time you realize it, it will be all too late". Life is too short to waste on disobedient and naive young girls who just doesn't want to listen to adults. Nothing else to do except for her to learn her hard lesson. This was also after I showed her articles, and even that video from the "Bubbles" girl who escaped a cult made by an abusive hypnotist.

My session and her listening to the files happened on the different days, and no, the outfit I told her to wear is just for setting up MY own trigger, nothing else.

I am working on something, and this will have to do with my own affiliation of a somewhat underground community, and I aeady let them know about these files. One of them is also an accomplished hypnotist as his secondary skill. So if one day all the servers and copies of the "deer slumber" go down, that will be me and this underground community.


As much as I hate the BS files, I would never attempt to use an obedience trigger I made for play reasons to stop a person from doing something they are determined to do while they're awake, in public and not playing with me. I think it's harsh and unhelpful to say things like

"ok fine, but don't say I didn't warn you, by the time you realize it, it will be all too late". Life is too short to waste on disobedient and naive young girls who just doesn't want to listen to adults. Nothing else to do except for her to learn her hard lesson.

You are really telling on yourself @masterfu678 it's no wonder she didn't want to listen to you.


Well, I aeady tried talking to her nicely, I only used the obedience trigger as a last resort, and no, it is not harsh, especially when used in context to stop someone destroying their own life with these files. I won't have mercy when dealing with anything related to these files, and I am about to do a lot more that will erase these files from existence.


The truth is, these files would be fine if they just existed on the creator's patreon for their fans. The problem is created by places like that discord you mentioned, where fake doms encourage innocent beginners to listen to these files, even though those beginners may not be into obedience, or bimboification or CNC or personality play. These files are not appropriate for beginners, and are harmful when they are pushed on someone who doesn't want these themes and triggers. But they are perfectly fine for people who WANT these things.

We have to remember that people who want to be hypnotised ARE PEOPLE WITH WISHES AND LIMITS.


This comes from a Clinical Hypnotherapist with twenty-six years of private practice who has treated two eighteen year old teens who got involved with these sessions. Using what those in the profession know as “Parts Therapy”, he advised it was a straightforward process in ridding these young ladies (cousins) of the effects of their misadventure. He cautions against people reinforcing the falsehood this issue, once in place, can’t be undone. Once the individual has made the decision they want to rid themselves of the effects of the sessions, treatment is not difficult.

@Nath also this perfectly illustrates why people who don't know how the files work shouldn't attempt to remove the suggestions/programming and how some things are best left to a professional.

-this part is directed at the person you responded to/their reaction:
that person who was listening was responding exactly as they would be expected to respond to that scenario based off how the files are scripted. that response is common and a huge source of frustration when people confront listeners who are having issues with the files (active or lingering) but people don't seem to realize that making listeners defensive of the files and their programming is what the files are scripted to do and approaching the topic of a file break/having someone stop listening in the way the person mentions above often triggers rly intense anxiety and feelings of distress and resistance for whoever they are trying to help (again as scripted in the files.) it takes patience to help someone through that kind of thing and if someone doesn't know enough about the files to know being resistant to help/defending their programming is part of the whole deal they shouldn't be offering help. if you don't have the capacity to offer that type of support or research the files properly that's valid and a whole other thing but I think people offering help should at least know what to expect as a response when they offer it.

also I know bubbles personally and was in that cult (Ava in the article) and I feel like I have the personal experience to speak on this cuz I have had to find ways to remove the lingering suggestions in my own mind and I've helped other people get suggestions to fade/helped others leave other dynamics that were abusive and that involved bs. In the dynamic referenced above I helped get some of the first people out of that dynamic and getting some of those people (not talking about bubbles here) to leave was VERY hard because of the programming/files/abuse both from "james" and bs. it took a lot of patience and care to rly work through things and if you can't offer that type of patience, that's fine but don't blame the person who responded as expected to the conditioning/as scripted to your offer of help. that's not helping anyone.

now that I'm out of that mess I will say the times people got upset at me for responding in the manner you mentioned when they offered help rly sucked and it made it SO much harder to reach out and ask for help when I tried to leave because I felt like I was going to be dismissed for needing more support than just one trance session (which was also triggering/scary to me at the time) and the offer of a suggestion removal file (which I had aeady seen made things worse for others.) the anxiety programmed in the files around this stuff is rly strong and the programming absolutely can trigger that thing in people's brains that cause them to become defensive of their sacred values because the files work to actively re-write those ideals/valued and use the brains natural defensive mechanism of rejecting things that don't align with someone's identity to reinforce obedience. I've written about that on reddit and I'm down to link it if you want.

but yea like I don't mean to come off harsh but I think it's important for well meaning doms/kinksters to realize that offering help with this file set in particular without being familiar with the files themselves will probably just leave you frustrated and often times causes even more hurt/issues to the person ur trying to help.


ps. if y'all ever are interested in info about ways to support someone that's listening to that particular set of files and having issues I'm always down to chat about it since I have a lot of direct experience myself and with people who listen/have listened. also want to point out that I picked the word support here intentionally because I've found through experience that the best way to approach a situation (as someone who isn't a professional) where you are concerned about someone who is listening to bs is to treat the situation the same as if they were in an abusive relationship or cult. even if someone is listening independently and running into issues without a dom, I've found adopting methods mentioned below in your approach rly helps. I can also validate that people who did these things for me when they saw that I needed help were really the people who helped me realize I needed to get out of that situation/stop listening despite what my tist was saying.

---the articles I'm linking below can be used to model a support system for someone you care about that's listening to those/any files and having a hard time even if you don't have a ton of knowledge on the files themselves or what they do:



Yea about that, here is an update, that girl i was trying to help, in the end I learned that it was just possibly some dude or ugly girl role playing as a young girl who is listening to the files. This is the other frustrating thing, there are real people who needs help, and there are people who are using this as a form of role play to waste people's time. I'm sure your experience is real, no doubt, but I honestly can't tell who really needs help and who is just role playing and faking the whole thing.

I found out after the conversation went to the direction of in--st, and "she" started telling me made up discord usernames that is in--st themed. Also after I exposed her, "she" didn't come online once, not even chatting in the discord server I met her in. For context, Discord doesn't even allow usernames of such nature, sure, there are hypnokink and 18+ servers, but in--st usernames is actually against TOS.

----Okay, that's all of it, I removed some of the meta stuff that was copied over like "level 1 comment" and the dates in those sections as well. but I haven't altered anything else

Edit: I also put -------------- as spacers between comments for ease of reading
Got to drive yesterday morning through a chunk of texas in a rainstorm, Something glitched out in my radio, so I was stuck with nothing but the sound of the windshield wipers going at the perfect speed.   Almost makes me want to drive in the rain more often.  Gotta love those real world triggers.
(28 Oct 2023, 00:14 )bellmar Wrote: Gotta love those real world triggers.
Yes! Such things are in my hypno-wish-list:
(28 Oct 2023, 13:07 )Like Ra Wrote:
(28 Oct 2023, 00:14 )bellmar Wrote: Gotta love those real world triggers.
Yes! Such things are in my hypno-wish-list:

I was a little surprised to be honest, triggers usually don't work on me when I'm up and alert, but that is the second time with Bambi files.  The sound of a lady zipping her purse closed froze me for a moment, and kind of dragged my mind into its mental uniform for just an instant, and now the windshield wipers making my mind feel a little sluggish and drifty, not in a bad or dangerous way, it actually helped me focus on the road.
I will tell you that I have listened to the Bambi files for over a year and a half many times a day.  It got to the point that is all I did when I got home. I had a beautiful assortment of panties and stocking.  I would wear the panties to work even.  But all that time with those files I NEVER sucked cock.  7 months ago I quit and never listened again till a week ago.  I will tell you her voice is so perfect but that's it.  They can change a person if that is what they want.
(09 Oct 2023, 19:11 )Like Ra Wrote: Ah, Tadjanna deleted Reddit account... Right before I could save another brilliant post!!!! I hate when such things happen, because the posts were fantastic and very NLPish...

Another note to myself and everybody - found something interesting - save it immediately and post here!!!!

Do you really believe NLP works
(30 Oct 2023, 18:55 )sam_henry Wrote: Do you really believe NLP works

In short: I don't believe, I know it.
A longer version would take at least 10-15 minutes talking. Beginning with what NLP actually is, and how programmable we are. The beliefs like "propaganda does not work for me" is one of the cognitive biases.
(30 Oct 2023, 23:51 )Like Ra Wrote:
(30 Oct 2023, 18:55 )sam_henry Wrote: Do you really believe NLP works

In short: I don't believe, I know it.
A longer version would take at least 10-15 minutes talking. Beginning with what NLP actually is, and how programmable we are. The beliefs like "propaganda does not work for me" is one of the cognitive biases.

There is no proof that it works.

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