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Hypnosis wish-list
Do you have any ideas or wishes, that you would like to see in a hypnosis file?

You can vote for ideas by clicking the "Thank You" button. Hypnotists are watching this thread!
I’d love a blowjob training file, conditioned to suck cock and swallow.
Obedience and sissy reinforcement.
(01 Oct 2017, 06:18 )wilsd Wrote: I’d love a blowjob training file, conditioned to suck cock and swallow.
Obedience and sissy reinforcement.

There are some vids on youtube with these topics...

@Christina - have a look in this thread: and let me know if this is what you are looking for.

I've got more, but I have no experience with them, because I'm not interested in the obedience or bimbofication stuff. Some not radical and not irreversible feminization is OK 😉
Is it possible to create ones that help clear/relax before having "fun"? Maybe that just means meditation but I thought it be cool to have one you play every time before you do a "session" as a way to "get into the mood" for fun.
@QuietnSilent Usually, hypnotic sessions consist of the following parts:

1- Induction (to relax and get you in trance)
2- Deepener (to deepen the trance)
3- Body (the actual hypnotic suggestions)
4- Awakener (to get you back from trance)

Loops contain only the body.

I think, what you are looking for is the induction part. Or do I misunderstand something?
Ah that makes sense. I guess it would be the induction part and maybe even deepener too.
Has anybody seen a file/video/script where water in the shower transforms into latex, that covers the whole body forming a tight latex zentai suit (ideally, which shapes the body as a corset)? The trigger is the shower.
I'd love a rubber encasement file or a 24 hour rubber "trap" of whatever you put on you can’t take off.
Something like a gag or silence file might be rather cool as well
(23 Oct 2017, 00:21 )ghostzen Wrote: 24 hour rubber "trap" of whatever you put on you can’t take off.
There is a file for that:

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