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Make your own trigger

This file can be very interesting and useful - you should be able to "enchant" any thing to be a trigger for what you need. So, you decide what thing (ring, pantyhose, collar, mirror, butt-plug, etc) will trigger what (feminization, bondage, concentration, productivity, orgasm, chastity, etc). See the attached script and decide on the trigger item and trigger action first before listening. To remove the effect, just "enchant" the trigger with the opposite action.

.mp3   Enchantments_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 8.4 MB / Downloads: 54)

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.txt   Enchantments.txt (Size: 7.5 KB / Downloads: 17)
Moved the post to a separate thread.

Out of curiosity, what trigger would you create? This is what came to my mind:

  1. The jeans/trousers you are wearing for your work, should feel like a short skirt with pantyhose.
  2. Pantyhose should "create" an erection, but prevent orgasming or taking them off unless you take a shower wearing them
  3. An inserted gag will prevent undoing any knots/buckles/locks for 2 hours
  4. A butt-plug that will "shift, inflate, deflate, elongate, move back & forth"
  5. Panties that would feel like you are wearing a tight cock-ring and a plug
  6. Typing on a keyboard creates buzzing feeling in the sensitive areas
  7. The more feminine clothes you are wearing, the smarter and more productive you are getting
  8. Seeing your reflection in a mirror makes you wear a french-maid uniform and clean up your house
Anything else? Big Grin
Fun ideas Ra. As for #4, I would LOVE this as a sex toy!
o- shower covers you with a layer of tight transparent latex
Nice worm. I wonder if they would build my idea.
A tube worm that crawls on your penis, covering it up to you balls and start sucking. Try that when your bound.
There is a corresponding "tentacle rape" file that does it Wink
IMO the most interesting triggers are not the ones that should be intentionally spoken (e.g. "hard-on time for you!"), but the ones that are associated with everyday life, so you can't avoid them. For example, shower, tooth brush, clothes, mirrors, food, mobile phone, computer, bed, toilet, etc.
o- tooth brush deep-throats you

When you're brushing your teeth, you will be deep-throated with a cock.
o- all closed up zips will disappear (will look and feel like one whole piece of garment) for the amount of hours written in advance

The idea is taken from Cardigan's latex mummification.
o- Any faucet you turn on works like enema.

The amount of water running out of a faucet equals the amount of water "you get in your colons".

What do you think would be a good release trigger? (Orgasm is too simple Big Grin )