New latex Simon O collection on eBay. Anything for Christmas?

Updated on Dec 04, 2012 @ 19:55: One day left!

Posted on Nov 30, 2012 @ 01:55: I bet you guessed why my eBay post activity has become more active 😉 Christmas is approaching! I’m looking for a present for myself. My wife also wants to find me something fetishy, but she does not know what I would like to get exactly. The problem is that I do not know either 😉

And here’s a new opportunity: new Simon O collection on eBay!

Simon O is my favourite latex manufacturer and they never stop surprising me with new latex designs. This time it’s the unique catsuit (see the featured photo) with built-in full-fashioned stockings (transparent latex) and a leotard that looks differently from the rear or front. Also notice how it changes the silhouette. Quite amazing… BTW, it’s a prototype, the suit is not in production (yet?).

Another interesting item is the male bondage hooded strait-jacket-leotard. If the catsuit is too small for me, I may try to win this leotard. Not sure if I can use it alone, though. TTD, you there? What an ideal bondage addition to the suck-pants ;-P

And latex semi-transparent pantyhose, of course. The size is tricky again. So, lots of things to choose from and they promised to add more clothes later.

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