Transparent latex and new Simon O collection on eBay

Updated on Oct 12, 2012 @01:05:Just in case – all items have both English and German descriptions and can be shipped worldwide.

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Posted on Oct 11, 2012 @ 03:06: Yes, Simon O designed a new collection of latex clothes which is available (just one more day!) in their eBay store. The prices are still lower than in the regular shop. So, hurry up!

A couple of words about the new design. The most interesting thing is the new latex catsuit line. A one-piece catsuit replaces a swimsuit (or a leotard), back-seamed stockings, suspenders and transparent latex pantyhose “worn underneath”. Nice, eh? All-in-one what looks like ideally matched latex separates. And in many colours. (See 30 photos below). Also check the latex pantyhose with “integrated” full-fashioned stockings and strings.

Then rather my personal fetish from my early childhood (see the featured photo). As I already mentioned, since I was around 10 years old I have a dream – an absolutely transparent skin tight swimsuit. (As a kid I did not know about latex, so the “chosen” material was polyethylene.) It must follow all curves of my body with no bubbles or wrinkles. Impossible you say? But have a look at the photos. Yes, it’s not a one-piece swimsuit, but darn close. Absolutely transparent skin tight latex!

I even do not care if the photos were Photoshopped! I want to believe that my dream does exist in the real life! And the matching stockings… I love the guys who can make this possible, I love their creativity, I love that some of us can make yet another step towards our dreams.

Anything for you?

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