Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

Masakazu Shimizu again

For those of us who enjoy art-works of Shimizu-san (see my post earlier), but not fluent in Japanese enough to buy his works, here’s a tip: start your favourite peer-to-peer program (eMule, eDonkey, Kazaa, etc) and search for “黒妖社”.

Of course, you can try any Internet search engine first. This is what I’ve found: under <黒妖社のしみずまさかず様から> – practically nothing by Masa, but lot’s of funny drawings. – absolutely not related to him :-)
That should keep you clicking for awhile.

Fetish matryoshka with a secret

Bondage matryoshkaBondage matryoshka (in some countries they are called babooshka or baboesjka) with a secret.

Need inspiration? Ask Masakazu Shimizu

No! Just one more thing! (I’m beginning to love Blogging and this is a bad sign…) I have to share this link with you. Ages ago I saved it under the name “to get ideas”
If you haven’t seen Masakazu Shimizu’s works (I’ve been collecting for years) and like fetish anime/hentai you have to visit his site. It’s in Japanese, but very easy to navigate.

Lot’s of pictures, lot’s of links, lot’s of fun, lot’s of ideas.
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Sexy pissoirs/urinals removed from McDonalds or Bound Human Toilets. Part I

Toilets. Sexy urinalsAccording to the article in AD such nice urinals have been removed from McDonalds toilets in Heerlen (NL). That reminds me something …

The so called “human toilets“… See 24 pictures and two videos below.

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