What you can find looking at the logs

How often do you check the web-logs and especially referrers? I strongly recommend you check them periodically, as often as possible. You never know what gem is hiding in debries of the cold looking statistics.

Part I What are they looking for?

Someone looking for しみずまさかず found my site. On-line translators gave me two variants:

  • Without stinging ま is not torn
  • Shimizu never the ず

Ovbviously it is related to Masakazu Shimizu, but personally I like the first translation. It is as poetic as useless! I searched the Internet for that string and found lots of fetish hentai pictures. Ain’t that nice?

Part II Who mentions you site?

That was one of those gems.  I thought I visited all interesting selfbondage related sites, but this selfbondage link-page proved me wrong. The site is in Russian, but don’t worry if you don’t speak it, just keep clicking.

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