Katy Perry, Purr and latex

Updated on Mar 24, 2011 @ 02:12:
Added two videos! Interview in the latex catsuit and photo-shooting session.

Posted on Mar 23, 2011 @ 00:43:
Not sure what Katy Perry promotes: her usual shiny latex, shiny nylons and high heels or her new fragrance “Purr”. Since I do not care about the perfume, I’m pretty happy with the former.

Design: Abigail Greydanus (Syren)
Photo: Miles Aldridge

9 photos. 2 videos.

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4 thoughts on “Katy Perry, Purr and latex”

  1. with latex dresses, with latex catsuits, and more latex stuff that katy perry is using maybe will change this world with people more interested in latex 🙂 😛

  2. There’s not much out there for rubber furries 😔
    I’m hoping with Katy Perry doing this there’d be more around soon.

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