Topshop sells everyday latex clothes

topshop latex bike shortsTopshop sells latex clothes for everyday life. They started with a top and bike shorts (see this thread). While the price is ridiculously high and the fit does not look optimal, I would say it’s a good continuation of the latex fashion trend.

3 thoughts on “Topshop sells everyday latex clothes”

  1. Also, do NOT believe the large number of rainwear manufacturers (mostly Swedish) who claim to be selling “Rubber” or “rubberised” rainwear. If you scroll down , you find that their products are planet-harming PLASTIC. Also, if you have an allergy to plastic, and you put on a raincoat believing it to be made of rubber, there is a real and worrying health (and legal) issue re allergies.

    PVC or polyurethane is NOT rubber.

    One can’t help wondering if these people are just using the “R-word” to sell… Or maybe they’re just pathologically STUPID.

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