Kumi with a girlfriend suspended (upside down) in shiny catsuits

Just found these photos on the Internet. One of the girls is obviously Kumi Monster, don’t know about the other.

The girls are apparently having fun while suspended upside down by one leg. But this is one of the cases when I explicitly must say: “Do not try this at home alone!”. For many reasons. Yes, suspension is very dangerous (think of suspension syndrome). Yes, upside down suspension is very dangerous because the blood streams to the head. Etc.

But what’s more important, is that one leg suspension is much more dangerous, because all your weight is now “applied” to one ankle. And if you try to escape, you will have to make a one leg pull-up instead of using two biceps (see this device, for example). Hoisting might work, but jamming might be fatal…

And yes, nice shoes and catsuits (I would prefer latex, though 😉

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