What to get for my birthday? Or need ideas

I need some hints on what to get for my birthday. There is a wish list, but I can’t get everything. Or probably you have seen interesting stuff or want to donate?

Also, in the nearest I might have a house for my own use for some time. If you want me to test something, to make a photo tutorial of a particular self-bondage technique, or just have a session idea – please let me know.

Oh, BTW, I’m on a vacation but have a limited Internet access.

7 thoughts on “What to get for my birthday? Or need ideas”

  1. have you got a zentai? Those are cool, and kind of pricy – so good for a birthday

  2. I used to have one (see this page: /eq/lycra/zentai-01.php ). But the quality was very bad. It fell apart during the first test.

    Good advice. Thanks! Will have a look…

  3. clam ” wrote:

    oh thats a nice one, too bad it fell apart

    No more metallic stuff. I like the look, but it’s not practical.

    clam ” wrote:

    did you have a good birthday?

    Was driving the whole day 😉

  4. Hi Ra!

    Welcome back!

    Sent you a little something to say thanks for such a great site and maybe cheer you up for having to drive all day!

    And, I’ve learnt something new today as well… Verenigd Koninkrijk. Who’d have thought it?


  5. Thanks much MJ! What an incentive to do something interesting and post a report here!

    Speaking of “Verenigd Koninkrijk”… I could not find how to switch the default paypal language from Dutch to English. Hence I posted the instruction on how change the country to “VK” or “VS” 😉

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