Pantyhose encasement in public

Just like the title says: a girl encased in 3 pairs of red pantyhose is waiting for the train. Isn’t it a nice addition to the list of known public zentai/nylon wearers like Ani and Aurora?

The photo is made by one of my favourite photographers Perry Gallagher. (Check here what Perry’s publications are available on eBay, you may want to check “Include title and description”)

A couple of interesting facts

Perry made several shots: at the bus stop, crossing the street, in front of the ticket machine, at the station.

Perry over the over the head pantyhose (this is something new for me):

… turn them sideways.. cut out two holes.. one would be where her tummy is the other in the back. this is where her arms go through when you put a leg over her head.

If you have long hair – why not to try this method?

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