Self-bondage art. Part VIII

selfbondage artSee previous parts here.

Among other pictures, you can find two selfbondage mangas here. One of them is apparently full and called “It’s show time”. From another one I have only a couple of pages. If you know who the author is, can translate or possibly have all the pages, please let me know.

See 13 drawings below.

4 thoughts on “Self-bondage art. Part VIII”

  1. Wow! Great! Thanks much Alejandro! I’ll repost it here for those who’re neither registered nor properly changed the preferences on Pixiv ;-P

  2. I was wondering is there a place a person can go to to pay someone to feminize me I want to be tied up giving hormones breast implants the whole 9 yards made into be a slut is your place after that I get paid to have this done

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