Katy Perry in latex on James Corden’s World Cup show

On James Corden’s World Cup show (see the video below) Katy Perry was wearing (yes! again!) a custom made latex dress.

As always, media called it “a figure hugging PVC dress”. Do they have a taboo on words like “latex” and “rubber”?

The story of getting the latex garment is also interesting. See what Katy Perry and Abigail wrote about it:

Katy Perry:

‘Another amazing race for a dress has happen again. Important dress. It’s on a plane now, but plane had 2 emergency stop cuz someone passed away mid flight! So sad!”

Abigail (the designer of the dress):

It was like making 4 dresses essentially since I took a dress that I had custom made for her before and created the flag designs on either sides of the front and either sides of the back. I then proceeded to turn the dress into a jigsaw puzzle and add seam allowances to each individual piece and began the process of cutting, gluing and putting back together all of the over 100+ pieces it took to complete the pattern. I wanted to make the flag parts as accurate as possible and was able to do so with the stripes of the American flag but unfortunately not the stars as I only had 24 hours to finish the dress and cutting 50 stars (+ more incase any got torn, etc) was simply out of the question. I’m entirely happy with the results though and I must say that she looks DAMN SEXY in that piece, like it’s painted on!

If you have more hi-rez pictures, please let us know (or upload them in the forum).

2 thoughts on “Katy Perry in latex on James Corden’s World Cup show”

  1. Yes, we lost THAT Katy and got a new one. Either nylon or latex with bare legs. The world is not perryfect…

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