Boys, garter belts, stockings and bondage
or back to the last century

garter belts and stockings for boysWhen I first saw these advertisements I thought of a some kind of bondage devices to keep the kids (or their hands) in place. And when my eyes quickly scanned the descriptions (apparently missing some words) they appeared to be even more misleading:

“… keep the children neatly … whether they are at school or at play. Helps them to learn to … and save your time… Strong elastic and non-elastic web … Known throughout the nation for quality. Will not slip off shoulder. A positive way of keeping their stockings up. Helps teach children to be neat. …. Kazoo for boys… Acts as a body brace … Growing girls should wear … that will prevent the shoulders from drooping. … Age 4 to 16 … “

Straps, braces, buckles, body harnesses, stockings … “Wow!”, I thought, “looks like the Sweet Gwendoline’s training! Did I miss this fetish bondage experience in my childhood?”

Yes, these body binding fetters turned out to be the “waists” or garter belts for teenager boys and girls to keep their stockings up and tight. Weird… Imagine a 16 year old “boy” wearing a corset with suspenders and stockings on the streets? But this is what was worn not so long time ago! Absolutely unbelievable.

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