RiK, his pantyhose and his high heels. Part IV

RiK in red pantyhose and high heelsSee the previous parts here.

Like lots of pantyhose maniacs RiK’s got a plenty of this fine garment. But (also considering his big size) his high heels collection is something to be proud of. On the other hand, I would add a pair of two of really high heels. Like 6″ or higher. He does not go too far in his heels anyway 😉

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5 thoughts on “RiK, his pantyhose and his high heels. Part IV”

  1. Agreed, I take that back. What lycra fan doesn’t love the Hootersgirls or the competitive aerobics girls?

  2. Yeah, my point 😉 Actually, you can wear tight with anything. I can’t imagine a situation when you absolutely must not wear nylons.

  3. Pic No8, where Rik isn’t wearing high-heels, is so sexy too. Cute legs in lovely pantyhose are enough for me!

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