Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part IX

See previous parts here.

It’s difficult to spoil a beautiful woman. She will remain beautiful in almost any clothes or without, with almost any make-up or without (by saying “almost” I leave some possibilities for very “talented” and “creative” stylists).

But it’s never enough for a trained fetishist’s eye 😉 We always look for details. I would call them “triggers”, small things that make the difference between what “works” and what’s just cute, nice, ok, beautiful, but still usual.

For example, have a look at the featured photo. Pantyhose worn as a bolero. Arms and hands encased in pantyhose is another big fetish of mine.

See 16 photos below. Noticed any triggers?

2 thoughts on “Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part IX”

  1. Hmmm… triggers? No, not a hint. 🙁

    This is an interesting subject about how images (or imagination) can invoke very different emotions in people. I find the images cool (not just becuase they are in black & white) and very ‘artificial’, my preference is for warm and ‘real’.

    Also the composition doesn’t work for me, though in its individual elements it should (beautiful women, sexy legs, stocking/pantyhose, heels, etc – all ticking the boxes).


  2. For some unknown reason (good imagination? a possible trigger?) I like this photo /blog/wp/archives/12885/pantyhose-stockings-black-and-white-168

    Sometimes less is more 😉

    Madjack ” wrote:

    very ‘artificial’, my preference is for warm and ‘real’.

    Absolutely agree. So we are on the same “wave” 😉

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